iMind Reviews: a Decent Video Conferencing Tool that Increases Productivity in the Workplace

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Today, video conferencing is a tool that helps companies develop. Using this tool for remote communication, people from the U.S.A. can interact with their colleagues wherever with the least time and resources. The iMind platform combines the relevant functionality with high-quality services. People in the U.S. prefer iMind because of its simplicity, reliability, and variability for diverse needs. 

What options does iMind offer?

To begin with, the platform offers a wide variety of functions even in the free plan:

  • opportunity to share several screens at a time;
  • creating up to ten rooms for no payment;
  • number of participants determination;
  • availability for a browser or in-app use;
  • recording the conferences, saving, and sharing them from cloud storage.

By default, you have a chance to talk to each other comfortably due to noise suppression, high-quality visual information (webcam, screen sharing, etc.), and robust connection. 

The main advantages of iMind, as a video conferencing platform, has many benefits that make it stand out:

  • Ease of use – logging in takes a few seconds, and the interface is very intuitive. Even using video conferencing for the first time, you won’t have any trouble creating a meeting room and starting a call. To join the conference, you need even less time. 
  • Functions are almost the same for all the plans. They differ according to the needs various businesses encounter (e.g., the available volume of participants depends on how many employees are involved in the work process).
  • The platform develops rapidly. If you’ve heard about iMind earlier, you may know that a couple of months ago, the tool supported a maximum of 12 people sharing their screens simultaneously. Now, the number has no limit. 

These are global advantages attracting people’s attention. 

Which iMind plan is perfect for you?

There are three plans except for the one unchargeable:

  • Pro – provides opportunities for small, separate teams. There appears online chat for business and simultaneous recording of different conferences. There is also no limit on room quantity.
  • Business – great for companies below middle-size. Provides you with live-streaming possibilities
  • Enterprise – for middle and large companies. Unlimited opportunities for your business.

Those plans suggest monthly subscriptions but differ mostly by the numbers (participants, rooms, simultaneous conference recording, etc.). The price is reasonable for the United States and many other locations, so even advanced features will not cost you a lot.

Users’ reviews about the platform

As we’ve mentioned, G2 reviews had made an investigation that showed if people of the USA and other countries are pleased with the product and service quality of iMind. The reviews prove the advantages and benefits listed above, with a caveat that some use cases claim little troubles with connection happened sometimes. 

Keeping in mind the functions, advantages, and doubtful aspects, it’s always better to try by yourself. Furthermore, the iMind will not take much time to understand if it’s a good video conferencing tool for companies or not.