Is There An App For Everything

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No doubt you’ve heard the phrase, ‘there ain’t no app for that’, but if you really think about it, while that statement probably is true, it is surprising what there is an app for. Let’s have a look at some examples.

‘An App Can’t Help You Fall In Love’

Okay, what about dating apps, then, because technically, they can. Tinder certainly holds the possibility of this, although that’s typically not why people go there specifically, but if you’re talking about the likes of eHarmony, Plentyoffish, or OKCupid, then you’d actually be surprised how many married couples there are these days that found their spouse by going online.

‘You Can’t Eat An App’

Not directly, no, but an app can feed you in the sense that it can provide you with access to food: it’s called an online supermarket delivery or a fast-food takeaway app. You also won’t get the food in the first place without paying for it, surely, and when you’re doing so in a restaurant, there’s often an app for that.


‘An App Can’t Keep You Warm’

It can if you interface it with smart home technology; all you need is a decent internet provider like Wyyerd. You could also argue that if you use an app to buy a house, then technically an app not only kept you warm, but kept the rain off your head and provided shelter, safety, and a place to call home as well. Also, what about Uber? That’s an app that can quite literally take you home if it’s starting to get cold. In that vein, you could also argue the same of most train or bus ticket apps.

‘An App Can’t Bring You Happiness’

Surely that depends on the object of your happiness; we’ve already talked about falling in love and finding a place to call home. Then there’s health, something many would say is a prerequisite for feeling good about yourself. There are more fitness apps out there than can be counted, as there are meditation apps to help calm and focus your mind. There are medical apps for diabetics or nutrition apps for those looking to improve their diet. There are white noise apps to help you sleep at night, and there are music and entertainment apps to help stimulate and inspire you and to keep boredom at bay. Or, if it’s money you’re lacking, technically an app can help with that as well, for example, by way of a jobseeker app, or, if you fancy your chances, an app for investing in stocks or shares. You can also sell apps. The list is endless. So, au contraire, because chances are, if there is something you want in life, chances are there is an app that is some way related to pursuing it, whether that be a physical need, an intellectual pursuit, a technological capability, or just something to pass the time. 

‘There Ain’t No App For Controlling The Weather’

Okay, sure, you have us there!