The Best Way to Market to Gen Z

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40% of US consumers belong to Generation Z. Every year, they spend $143 billion of their own money and influence $127 billion of their family’s spending. As the generation continues to grow up, their collective incomes will continue to rise. If your brand doesn’t have a marketing plan to reach Gen Z already, it needs to make one. 

Marketing to Gen Z is unique in a few different ways. To start, the generation doesn’t buy into a brand’s name the way previous generations have. Instead, Gen Z buys based on a company’s perceived values. At the top of their values list are sustainability initiatives, ethical business practices, and inclusivity. Younger customers will stay away from brands they’ve heard are scandal-prone or discriminatory. Emphasize the good your company is doing for people and the planet and make sure your actions match your marketing. Customers notice when brands don’t practice what they preach. 

To ensure your messaging reaches Gen Z, engage in a mobile first marketing strategy. Nearly half of teens today spend over 10 hours on their mobile devices. 20% of Gen Z spends 5 hours a day on TIkTok alone. Market in places where customers will see it: on social media.

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