Features of the Revenue Grid and Einstein Activity Capture: Sync with Salesforce

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The Salesforce platform is becoming more and more popular every day.  New businesses, managers, and users are working with this program to make their marketing projects more successful.  Often users work in parallel on the https://revenuegrid.com/platform/einstein-activity-capture-vs-revenue-grid/.  Integrating one of these programs with Salesforce can make it more productive, add analytics and save time.  But businesses can’t always decide which of these two platforms is best linked to Salesforce interaction.

What makes the Salesforce platform special and why is it becoming popular?

Salesforce is a place that helps companies and businesses make it easier and better to communicate with potential customers.  This is made possible by the cloud-based technology that Salesforce offers.  Partners, team members and potential customers can be in constant communication.  To describe the success of the platform, suffice it to recall that back in 2017 Salesforce already had 150,000 users.  

Among them are the world-famous American Express and Amazon.  Such users definitely build confidence in the platform.  Salesforce helps companies and businesses expand their customer base, better understand the desires of potential customers and constantly improve their service or product offerings.  If we talk about statistics, thanks to the cooperation with Salesforce cloud storage, companies on average increase their revenue from product sales by 27%, the level of customer satisfaction on the work of the enterprise increases by 34%, and the speed of development of the company increases by 1.5 times.  These official statistics are probably enough to get you interested in this cloud storage service and start working with it.

How does the Salesforce platform work?

In fact, the program works in a similar way as SaaS software, that is, it uses cloud provisioning and hosts different systems on the Internet.  Because of its ability to sync with other platforms, and because there are so many platforms within Salesforce, this program can handle a lot of data.  This includes: 

  • the marketing cloud; 
  • the analytics cloud; 
  • the commerce cloud; 
  • the Chatter cloud; 
  • the community cloud and many other cloud systems.  

Each of these clouds has its own set of features and tools to improve collaboration between companies and potential customers.  In particular, the service cloud allows customers to get premium service from the enterprise, and in the enterprise it allows them to see customer activity and issues.  The community cloud brings the company and potential customers closer together, as well as the customers themselves, forming a certain team of like-minded people.  This has a positive impact on a company’s sales and increases its efficiency.  The Sales Cloud allows businesses to implement multi-channel marketing campaigns.  That is, all elements of the large-scale Salesforce platform are designed to improve marketing results, increase customer satisfaction and improve overall company performance.

Features of the Revenue Grid platform

The second platform that is gaining popularity along with Salesforce, besides Einstein Activity Capture, is the Revenue Grid platform.  Often these last two programs compete with each other for the best value and more attention from customers.  If we talk about Revenue Grid, this program allows you to better navigate your sales and policies.  Specifically, Revenue Intelligence provides information on sales through data collection and analysis.  This is produced by artificial intelligence to make the data analysis more effective.

Users can get a wide range of services and benefits from Revenue Grid.  In particular, through an intelligent system, it is possible to automatically merge this platform with their Gmail.  This way, users will get their sales and customer communications data straight into Salesforce thanks to automated synchronization.  Because the interaction between the platforms is automatic, it helps make the work more efficient.

Another feature of Revenue Grid is continuous reporting and updates on the different network statuses of agreements with potential customers.  That is, businesses and companies can see in real time how the rankings of deals that are successful and those that are most risky are changing.  With complete information, businesses can plan their time in the future to make sales as efficient as possible.

A particularly important item for maximizing productive interactions with potential clients is Revenue Signals.  This tool allows you to see the advantages and disadvantages in the sales system.  This way you can change your customer communication or sales system and achieve the best results.

Benefits of Revenue Grid

The main advantage of this platform is the guarantee of the result showing different statistics.  Thanks to the work with this system, the sales speed of the enterprises increases on average by 40% and the reliability of the forecast of the expected sales increases by 47%.  Also the interaction with Revenue Grid is absolutely safe, because this platform has a high-level license and keeps the confidentiality of the data at every stage of work.

Features of Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein Activity Capture is the biggest competitor to the previous Revenue Grid platform.  Both applications can be synchronized with Salesforce.  But the EAC platform has its own features.  It’s a tool for improving the productivity and sales performance of businesses and companies.  The primary means of improving this productivity is through interaction with three tools: email, contacts, and events.  Through the interaction of these tools, Salesforce improves communication with potential customers and grows the customer base.  Synchronization is automated, so it’s as convenient as possible for businesses.  Email data is synchronized with the company’s Salesforce account.  And if users use Inbox or High-Velocity Sales, it increases the reliability of email data interaction.  You can also sync events from calendars to your Salesforce account.  They automatically appear in the My Events tool and greatly increase the level of communication with potential customers.  This allows for better analytics and reporting of your sales and communications.  Similarly, contact data from Microsoft or Google accounts.  This also improves statistical information about the level of interaction with potential customers.

So by using one of these platforms (Einstein Activity Capture or Revenue Grid), companies and businesses can greatly improve their interactions with customers, save their time, and see reports and analytics of sales success.  In other words, using the synchronization of these programs with Salesforce greatly improves overall performance and sales success rates.