Becoming a Real Estate Agent: The 4 Step Process

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Real estate agents need to be licensed in the state they want to sell a property. It’s an offense to sell the property as an agent unlicensed in many states,  including Florida. The good news is that you can do the coursework and exams online to become licensed real estate in Florida.

There are four steps to getting a Florida real estate license and practicing. Three steps are doable online, but you have to visit an accredited institution for the second step.

Step 1: The Pre-licensed Course

Real estate agents have to take a 63-hour course before taking the test. Agents can choose to do the exam online or physical classes at a state-approved institution.

It takes about 6-7 weeks to complete the course and be certified. Certification for the training is valid for two years only and before agents have to retake it. 

Step 2: Digital Fingerprinting

Licensed real estate agents in Florida must undergo a background check before getting a license. Book an appointment for digital fingerprinting online at an authorized location in the U.S.

Criminal records may affect your application during the review process. However, the board is obligated to review your application independently and determine if you have a good moral standing before making any decisions. 

Step 3: Make an Application

Agents don’t have to be residents of Florida to apply for a real estate license. Anyone above the age of 18 years can apply to become an agent. Applications are accepted through mail to the Florida DBPR offices or submitted online.

Be truthful when filling out the application forms, and don’t skip any mandatory information. Reviewing applications takes ten days before you are notified of your approval or rejection. Approved individuals get a unique I.D. to book state exams via email.

Step 4: Take the Florida State Exam

The final step is booking the Florida State exam, taking it,  and passing. State exams are available every day, and agents can book an exam date convenient for them. You can choose to do the exam online or at one of the approved test centers in Florida and across the USA.

The exam duration is 3.5 hours, where you will be expected to answer 100 multiple-choice questions. Agents need 75% or more to pass the test and get licensed. 

Anyone who fails the test can book and retake it after 24 hours. There isn’t a limit to how many times anyone can retake the exam before getting a passing score. 

Get a Florida Real Estate License Today

It costs only a few hundred dollars to complete the four steps and get a Florida real estate license. The cost covers the fees payable at each step, but you’ll need extra to cover internet fees or fuel to go to approved centers. Overall, getting a real estate license in Florida is affordable and doable in about ten weeks. You will receive your license after passing the state exam. Moreover, agents don’t need to live in Florida after being licensed. Start the process today and get a permit as soon as possible to start selling properties.