The Centerpiece of all Modern Bathrooms – The Freestanding Bathtub

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Freestanding bathtubs are a fantastic addition to any bathroom.
It’s not without cause. Aquatica bathtubs excel in many ways, from their elegant aesthetic effect to the flexibility of location inside the bathroom, the available design choices, and the instant evocation of sumptuous enjoyment.

Bathtubs in a Variety of Designs

Recognizing the great adaptability of a freestanding bathtub, Aquatica’s designers have responded by offering a diverse choice of forms, styles, and sizes to satisfy any need. All are made using Aquatica’s proprietary materials and skilled workmanship

This allows designers and customers to pick from more than sixty various freestanding bathtubs to achieve the desired ambiance.

Let’s take a deeper look at the possibilities.

Small to Extra Large Bath Sizes

When purchasing a solitary bath, the first thing to consider is the size of your bathroom. How much room do you truly have? A freestanding bathtub takes up more space than a built-in tub, but there are a number of methods to have the pleasure of a bigger tub even in the tiniest of bathrooms. Freestanding bathtubs, like Aquatica’s excellent True Ofuro Japanese tub, have a modest footprint (the Mini Ofuro is just 43 × 43″) yet give a complete, deep soaking experience.

Bathtubs that can be used by two people

On the other hand, Aquatica’s bigger stand-alone tubs are up to 74″ long, with enough capacity for two people. Tubs like the Tulip Grande, the Infinity, and the Gloria, which is the world’s longest oval-shaped freestanding bath, are among them; if one was to buy freestanding bath, they would be very smart

To Fit the Bath Form

One of the benefits of a freestanding bathtub is the variety of shapes and sizes available. Unlike built-in baths, which must normally adhere to the straight lines of walls, freestanding tubs are available in a variety of forms and sizes to fit your bathroom measurements and décor mood.

Consider the Allegra, a large circular stand-alone tub, or the Lullaby, an oval tub with exquisite flowing curves; or maybe the elegant Sensuality, the boat-shaped Purescape 171, or the Luna, a more conventional design.

Perhaps you want a more traditional look with a more beautiful bath. Aphrodite, for example, is a Grecian-inspired tub. When you purchase a freestanding bathtub from Aquatica, you may choose from edgy urban modern, sinuous and organic designs reminiscent of nature in your house, or the drama of black solid stone, solid wood, or concrete.

Trinity, a delicately curved triangular shape finished in exquisite High Gloss White or silky smooth to the touch VelveXTM, is also available. All at various price points to fit your budget.

Methodologies for Modern Bathtubs

All Aquatica bathtubs are handcrafted using high-quality, technologically innovative materials. For greater comfort and well-being, all are built employing cutting-edge ergonomic concepts. Aquatica’s skilled designers also pay close attention to the crucial technical components of a standalone tub, such as insulation, to guarantee that the water retains its heat.

The innovative production materials used by Aquatica provide you even more options. AquateXTM solid surface mineral and resin composite high-performance cast stone are available in white, high gloss, matte, solid surface stone, or VelveXTM – to NeroXTM black, sandstone, and concrete.

Aquatica also uses high-quality Lucite Acrylic because of its adaptability, capacity to produce a broad variety of forms, less weight, durability, and simplicity of cleaning. Other freestanding bathtubs in the collection are built of EcoMarmor cutting edge cast stone composite for tubs like the Nostalgia and Piccolo, or LegnoXTM resin-impregnated natural wood Like True Ofuro or Karolina.

Colors for Exterior Freestanding Bathtubs will help you narrow down your options.

Select variants provide the effect of a solid-colored bathtub exterior – black, brown, blue, green, charcoal, gunmetal, red, and gold – made even more forceful by their pure white interiors for those desiring even more design versatility and décor impact.

A bathtub that is the focal point of your bathroom

A standalone tub is the epitome of luxury. The tub you pick will be the focal point of your bathroom, creating a sense of refuge that is unique to your space. It sets the tone for the rest of the bathroom decor and expresses your personality.

Making Your Freestanding Tub More Luxurious

After you’ve reached near-perfection in your new bathroom, add the Relax Air Massage system, HydroRelax Pro Jetted Massage, and Peacefulness built-in water heating system to boost your enjoyment, tranquillity, and renewal.

Aquatica also provides a variety of accessories, such as handcrafted wood bath trays, floor mats, egress stools, and storage benches, that enhance the beauty and practicality of any freestanding bath.

How much does a freestanding bathtub cost?

Aquatica freestanding tubs are all about quality, with long-lasting materials and cutting-edge design. They’re also reasonably priced. However, the extensive Aquatica line also provides a broad variety of costs, allowing you to choose the price that best suits your bathroom design.

To design the bathroom of your dreams, start by looking at all of the many free-standing bathtub styles, forms, sizes, colors, add-ons, and pricing available online.