How To Communicate Remotely With Colleagues And Stay In Touch

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With advancements in communication technology, it is now easy to work and keep in touch with your team remotely through emails, phone calls and live chats. You can also have conversations with your colleagues via video calls.

If there are important presentations, you can use a screen recorder for Mac or a Windows solution to do that.

Even though communication tools may not be a problem, still there is the worry of leading a team from far away. Some managers and supervisors are also concerned that splitting up a team may result in poor performance.

According to Luke Lee, the CEO of Palaleather, “It is important to gain remote work skills in 2022 primarily because the world of work is slowly shifting towards a more remote environment. And, businesses should be aware of this preference of the workforce because we have proven in the midst of the pandemic that work can be done from a distance.

No matter how much experience you have as a remote employer, it can be challenging to build and maintain remote relationships.

Here Are A Few Things You Can Do To Keep Your Remote Colleagues Connected

Group Chats Should Be Encouraged

Your employees or teammates are not thinking about work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many of them have other interests and activities in which they enjoy taking part. In fact, some of your employees might gather together and pursue their outside hobbies as a group!

Even if everyone is working from home, your employees would benefit from the opportunity to network with coworkers who have similar interests. As a result, create some virtual groups to promote discussion.

You can use a good messaging app to create groups for folks who enjoy crafts or cooking and want to exchange recipes and projects. To offer suggestions and information, you may start a parent group or even subgroups. For the bookworms, you might arrange virtual book clubs.


While working from home, online meetings are a terrific way to stay connected. However, there’s nothing quite like receiving a gift or letter in the mail on occasion.

Set up a cookie exchange for workers who enjoy baking to send each other cookies. Set up a pen buddy system, so people may send cards and letters to each other if they can’t cook.

Company Contests

Simply because you are not working in the office, you don’t have to skip physical working place traditions such as annual sports or cultural contests such as Halloween costume contests. The contests allow workers to stay engaged.

Company Challenges

Another ideal way of bringing colleagues together is through company-wide challenges. The challenge can help bring colleagues together while also encouraging friendly rivalry. A diet or fitness challenge, a writing challenge, or even a Lego construction challenge are all good options. It’s guaranteed to be a success as long as it gets people involved, amused, and engaged in something entertaining for a few minutes.

Working From Home Does Not Mean Being Alone.

It’s critical for businesses to establish an atmosphere in which leadership and workers can communicate while working from home.

While team-building is only one aspect of creating a great corporate culture, a few thoughtful and purposeful actions may go a long way toward making everyone feel like they belong—no matter where they are.


To keep remote workers productive, it is not enough to have the right working tools. It is important to help your team know that they matter, by creating an environment where they can engage in activities of their interest with each other. Social and physical activities such as contests and group work out help bring workers together.