Top Ways Cloud Computing is Improving Business and Raising Productivity

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Over the last decade or so, cloud computing has become one of the fastest-growing and profitable sides of the entire IT and computing industry. Cloud services are gradually changing the modern workplace allowing for greater collaboration between employees – even when working remotely.

The cloud and cloud computing – a beginner’s guide

The term ‘cloud computing’ refers to any computing service that is typically performed from a distant location and normally provided over the web. Working with cloud providers, many companies have completely transformed both how and where they can use their digital services while also slashing the costs of running a traditional in-house IT network.

The importance of cloud computing as related to Coronavirus

While the medical and health implications of the recent Coronavirus pandemic were tragic globally, the virus did serve to highlight just how much companies now rely on their digital services. With the lockdown and isolation measures imposed by governments around the world, workers and firms had little choice but to adapt to the concept of remote and home-working.

Almost without exception, the firms that had already embraced the benefits offered by cloud tech were those that were best-positioned to adapt and weather the COVID storm better.

Other benefits offered by cloud technology

All firms are different so the benefits afforded by cloud integration will vary from company to company. However, as a general guide, all firms will experience the following advantages by migrating their IT services to a cloud provider like

Lower IT running costs: By partnering with experts in IT services in Oklahoma for your local business, you’ll negate the (often substantial) costs of setting up and running a more traditional, in-house network. These cloud companies invest substantially in ensuring they run the best tech – meaning you won’t have to.

Scalability and adaptability: No company stands still and it’s quite likely your IT requirements vary from year to year – or even month to month. With a cloud computing provider, you can upgrade or downgrade services quickly and effectively – often from a personalized control panel.

The cloud will change how you work: Cloud computing hardware is only one small part of a much bigger picture and today’s advanced collaborative work apps will transform how and where you and your team can work. In short, your employees will be able to work in any location where they can find an internet connection.

Access to the best hardware and software: As noted above, the costs involved in investing in network equipment often precluded smaller firms from being able to take full advantage of professional IT services. It’s in the interests of cloud providers to buy the best equipment they possibly can – after all, this is very often their major selling point and way of attracting new clients.

Cloud computing will improve your firm’s IT security: Cloud providers are highly skilled at identifying and preventing security breaches before they even pose a risk meaning you’ll have complete peace of mind that your files are safe. Moreover, should the worst happen and you suffer a problem, a professional provider will have taken a recent backup which can be reinstalled.