4 Secrets on How to Create an iot App Better Than Your Competitors

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Many people ask how to create an IoT app that beats out the competition. And there is a reason why everyone wants to build an IoT application that stands out.

According to GlobeNewswire, the IoT market marks a CAGR of 25.4% for the period between 2021-2028. That’s what drives many people crazy. Anyone who is able to create an IoT app during this period might generate insane revenues. Building IoT applications has never been more interesting than nowadays.

But how to build an IoT application better than your competitors did?

In this article, we will show you how to build an IoT app that shines brighter than your competitors’ products.

First – what’s IoT?

Before you build IoT device apps, you should understand the concept of these apps.

With the rise of the Internet of Things, consumers are buying smart products left and right. These gadgets sync with their smartphones to give them advanced functionality — everything from home security to garage doors to mirrors that track their fitness.

In industrial settings, IoT is changing the way factories operate. The same goes for manufacturing companies, which use smart devices and software to control production lines and inventory management.

Benefits from IoT

The areas for the implementation of IoT are numerous, and they are likely to become more numerous as we continue to develop this technology. There’s one obvious application: your home. The use of intelligent thermostats, connected surveillance systems and lights, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected appliances — all these devices can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.

How to create a killer IoT app

You need to ensure these boxes are ticked in order to make sure your app will overshadow your competition.

Make sure you collect data safely

Internet of Things is the latest buzzword in the tech world, with new startups sprouting every day that are dedicated to the massive Internet of Things revolution. Custom IoT applications are being developed and deployed across the globe, and sensors are collecting information from all corners of the earth — but how secure is this data? Sensitive details must be encrypted before transmission in order to be secure from falling into any wrong hands.

Develop an IoT solution in the cloud

Cloud solutions offer a combination of centralized data storage and real-time data delivery that makes for better overall management and a lower cost of operation. This is especially important for the Internet of Things, where constant communication with remote devices requires fast responses, but businesses can also use the cloud to reduce their operating costs, minimize downtime, and simplify business administration.

Focus on Data Management

When data collection devices break down, in-memory analysis and data processing systems can process results in a flash — whether through failure or corporate sabotage — allowing teams to respond faster. This also helps to guard against data manipulation, such as when an investor wants to hide an opportunity for a takeover.

Stress out on high-performance

A good data collection system is essential for the smooth operation of any business. Electronic devices such as computer systems, pressure gauges, temperature sensors, and flow meters send their information to your system through a series of interconnected routers, switches, and cables. By collecting this data in real-time and analyzing it intelligently, you can improve productivity and reduce costs.


At this point, you have created a killer app idea for IoT. But it’s not time to pat yourself on the back just yet — it’s one thing to know how to build an IoT application and another to actually create it. Test out your idea by developing a prototype and getting user feedback on it. If people truly want your app, its market potential will be far greater than if you were to simply follow your own intuitions and assumptions.