How to Grow a Successful Spotify Podcast

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Spotify can be a great distribution platform for a podcast, and it can be used effectively to expand your audience. So if you would like to grow your show listing the features Spotify has to offer, here is how you can do it.

Create a Professional Artist Profile 

The first thing to do is to use the platform to feature your brand. You can first do a Spotify username check to ensure the username you would like to use is not already taken. If it is, try to make your username as close and relevant to your podcast name as it can be! 

Make your description, podcast designs, and creative assets look good on the profile. Make sure your episode titles do not contain spelling mistakes. These are just minor details, but they all add to the professional look of your podcast on the platform.

While building your profile, add to the description relevant links to your social media accounts and to your official website so that you can connect with your fans on more levels. 

Encourage Listeners to follow the podcast

When a user clicks the follow button, the new episodes automatically appear saved in their library. This way, your content also gets featured in their personalized section of the Spotify app. 

Action: Skilfully encourage your followers to follow the podcast on Spotify, so they don’t miss out on valuable content.

Ask your followers to turn on the notifications of the show so that they don’t miss your new episodes.

Spotify allows notifications for podcasts and new releases. You can encourage your listeners in your podcast, maybe towards the end, that they can turn on the notifications if they enjoy your show. 

It is very easily done. You can even explain how they can do it. 

When they tune into your podcast for the first time, there is a prompt to toggle the notifications on. Later on, they just need to go to “Following” from the podcast page and tap on the Settings where they can turn the notifications on.

Loyal fans will really appreciate this, and over time this can build on the show’s engagement. 

Make Lists of Podcast Episodes

A fun way for users to discover new music on Spotify is through playlists. And the same is valid for podcasts too! Artists, too, can create playlists with podcast episodes. As a podcast creator, you can make a list of podcast episodes that feature episodes from your show. 

This way, you can help new listeners familiarize themselves with your content. You can choose your best episodes based on the performance statistics. 

You can customize the cover of the playlist and the description as well. You can add fellow creators to the playlist and collaborate with them for the playlist promotion so that your show gets introduced to an even larger audience.

Encourage your Listeners to Save

If users are listening to a song and would like to save it for later, they can do that with the “+” option present on any track. Your listeners can do the same with your podcast episodes. When an episode is bookmarked this way, it will appear in the playlist “Your episodes” that will be pinned to the top of their Podcast Episodes tab. 

So try to encourage your listeners in your show, if they are in a rush and cannot listen to an episode, to bookmark it for later so they don’t miss out on your content!

Using the Spotify podcasting tools to the best of your abilities can reach more listeners and improve your audience’s experience. Remember to take advantage of them so your podcast will grow and thrive.