5 Instagram Ideas That’ll Get You More Followers

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5 Instagram Ideas That'll Get You More Followers

Did you know that 1.22 billion people use Instagram every month? 

That means there are virtually limitless opportunities to gain new followers through the app. While it sounds easy in theory, getting new followers can be difficult without employing an Instagram strategy.

Are you wondering what you can do to get new followers naturally while using Instagram? Read on to learn five of our key Instagram ideas to help you up your follower count!

1. Use Presets

One of the most important things for people scrolling through Instagram is to see pretty pictures. Even more so, if they’re debating following someone, their profile needs to look cohesive and professional at the same time.

How can you achieve this look? By using presets! Check out some of the best presets for Instagram here. Using these presets will take your feed to the next level and help draw in new followers with ease.

2. Stick To a Content Schedule

Another thing people want to see from people they follow is regular posts. People will assume you’re inactive if you go days, weeks, or months without posting something new.

If you’re using Instagram for business, you should try to post daily, or at least a few times each week, so people can see you’re dedicated to creating content.

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are an invaluable tool that many have written off.

Don’t overdo it when using hashtags, but adding a few relevant ones can help more people see your posts. For example, if you posted a new arrival to your shop, tagging “#newarrival” is the perfect way for users looking for new shops to follow to find you.

This slight touch only takes a second to add to your photos, but it can make a big difference.

4. Cross-Promote

Instagram is an excellent social media site, but there are other great places to promote your stuff that can lead to more Instagram followers.

Try cross-posting your photos to Pinterest and linking your Pinterest to your Instagram account. Other things like creating a website, being active on Twitter, and having a business Facebook page can all lead to more visibility.

This can easily lead to more followers since you’re reaching a wider audience.

5. Remain Authentic

The best Instagram strategy you can employ is remaining authentic in all you do.

People will want to get to know you or your business personally and see your personality shine through. Try to use conversational language in your captions instead of being too formal.

Though it seems to be very easy to buy real Instagram followers, think about making good use of features like stories that help people see you in a more casual way. And always respond to comments or messages if you have the time, so people see someone real is monitoring the account.

Five Beneficial Instagram Ideas

These five Instagram ideas are designed to help you create an authentic page that draws in new followers and keeps old followers interested too.

Whether you choose to implement one of these suggestions or go all-in with all five, you will undoubtedly see some growth along the way.

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