Unique Digital Signage Content Apps You’re Forgetting to Use

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Installing new digital signage will probably come with free content management apps and media players. While that sounds like a great deal, you will quickly realize why it came free. Most suffer from a chronic lack of features and capabilities, so you will soon run out of digital signage content.

That’s why you need digital signage apps with templates, and come complete with tutorials and features like widgets. Additionally, the apps should assist in creating live streams and playlists of curated content. These are the five digital signage content apps that will help achieve that:

1. Social Wall App

This social media content management app is ideal for exploring social media marketing. You can’t go wrong with social media marketing as more than 82% of the American population is on social media.

You can create advertising content that you can post on social media channels and beam to the digital signage displays. For instance, if you have multiple social media RSS feeds, you can choose what messaging displays on a specific screen.

What’s more, it allows integrations to various social apps like Google, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Pinterest, and more. If anything, display your own content from all your social media feeds in one go.

In addition, it allows you to stream exciting and entertaining social media feeds to keep visitors distracted in waiting lobbies. As for pricing, the app comes with a free trial and a one-time cost starting at $299.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart is the ideal solution if you love content creation but are not a graphic designer. It is an online graphic design tool, perfect for visual story creators without the extensive graphic design skills typically required.

All you have to do is upload data, choose templates, and export the finished product. It has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface to create functional posters, presentation slides, infographics, and graphs.

That way, you can take ordinary Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and turn them into presentation-worthy content. After that, your digital signage solution can add a few transitions effects and transform them into dynamic content.

Like Canva, this app allows you to access end products offline by downloading them. Piktochart has both a free and a paid version. The paid version starts at $14 a month.

3. Signage Creator App

This digital signage software allows you to create stunning visuals for digital signage. You’ll have access to over 1000 digital signage templates and layouts to choose from, all customizable.

It comes with an intuitive interface, where you get to choose from 7 categories to create custom content. Those let you create content for digital menu boards, kiosks, building wayfinding, seasonal notes, and more.

In addition, this digital signage tool enables you to add animations to just about any content. That way, you can take a simple Google Slide and put a spin on it. It doesn’t matter what business you have; this creator app has a little something for everybody.

4. Biteable

Biteable is a powerful video creation tool with over 800,000 stock library allowing you to create custom videos. This tool helps you create engaging content, turning simple videos into interactive, unique, and creative announcements in stunningly clear HD-quality resolution.

The app is the best solution for beginners interested in creating videos but lack the technical know-how. It boasts a user-friendly dashboard, which you can utilize to create dynamic customer content in a few simple steps.

Biteable comes in both free and paid versions. With the paid version, you have the option of paying $19 or $49 a month. If you intend to create top-tier signage videos, choose the paid version. You’ll gain access to over 17.7 million premium Shutterstock videos.

5. Weather app

With natural disasters happening three times more frequently than 50 years ago, it’s understandable why some want weather forecasts regularly.

Your digital signage platform should display real-time current and future weather updates on digital screens. That should help guests prepare in advance of severe weather changes.

Added functionality could include humidity, wind readings, and weather forecasts for major locations worldwide.

The app allows you to display and choose customizable dynamic themes. However, consider a ticker tape-style display if you don’t feel like showing weather updates on entire digital signs.

Partner with reliable and renowned weather forecast providers such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency. That way, you can be confident you will provide accurate and creditable emergency alerts and warnings.

Final Thoughts – Don’t Forget to Use These Apps

While there are plenty of free digital signage content apps, they have underwhelming features and capabilities. These apps integrate with your content management system to deliver dynamic content that will wow guests.

Apps like the Social Wall, Biteable, and the Signage Creator help create engaging material. After that, you can use the signage player for content scheduling on Google Calendar to play on your video walls or other digital signage displays whenever you wish.