Learn How to Obtain the Wow Factor for Your Website Design

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When was the last time you clicked on a website link and got blown away by what you saw? Every single day we all come across multiple websites, hundreds even. Most of the sites we have visited are easily forgettable and do not leave us with a lasting impression.

So, what is that element that makes you go ‘wow’?

A wow factor is integral to good website design. It may even be the only thing that will distinguish your website from the myriad of websites in your industry. But how do you get that wow factor in your very own website design?

Let’s take a look at some of the elements you can consider.

1. Design Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is a type of website layout where the page’s background moves slower than the foreground. That way, only some elements will individually move with a user scrolling down the page.

The result is a 3-D effect when scrolling which makes something as simple as scrolling an engaging experience.

2. Add Instagram Plugins

Adding Instagram plugins to a website is incredibly easy, yet its impact is immense. Instagram plugins make sharing the content on your website so much easier.

It will allow you to enter your Instagram Id then display your latest posts in a designated area on the website. It not only keeps your portfolio automatically accessible and updated but also gives a visual flair to your website.

3. Have A Flexible Typography

Having a responsive design is not just about the content. Responsive design is primarily on the actual content. When paragraphs and text lines are too long, navigating and reading through your site becomes too slow and cumbersome. You need a font size that will automatically adjust to the different devices users use, along with multiple resolutions.

Rest assured that your web visitors will be wowed by how well they can seamlessly switch devices and still enjoy your site.

4. Hire A Professional Website Design Agency

By now, it’s probably dawned on you that you will need a professional website design agency.

This is an almost full-proof way to give your website the wow factor. Professional agencies have experienced graphic designers whose work is to come up with mind-blowing graphic designs.

The best way to find a great agency is to check their previous work. If those websites give you that wow factor, you might have the right team on your side.

Take a step further and contact previous clients to hear about their experience with the agency. How was their customer service? Did they meet deadlines? Were they satisfied?

Do your homework, contract professionals, and let them do their magic on your website.

Winding It Up

Getting a professional wow-inducing website should not have to break your website. Hire that professional web design agency and create a lasting impression of your site.

With the fast-paced digital switch, curating a wow-inducing website is as essential as doing some interior design for a physical shop. The best part is that this may just be the one-time investment that changes the trajectory of your business. So go ahead and wow us!