How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event in 2022

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Are you looking to plan a great corporate event? Planning the right corporate event takes a combination of strategy and creativity to have the impact you desire.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning a corporate event that meets your goals.

1. Set Clear Goals

Events have a purpose, meaning and impact when done correctly. Your event should have clear goals and outcomes in mind, whether it’s to introduce a new product, thank long-time clients or serve as a staff team-building activity. Knowing what you want to happen helps shape what the event looks like, who attends and what they should expect when they arrive, during the event and after they leave.

2. Establish a Budget

Whoever is planning your event needs to know what you’re budgeting for the activities. These budget figures need to account for all aspects of the event, including marketing and promotion, invitations, food and drinks, entertainment, décor, rental costs for space, staffing and follow-up activities. Working with experienced corporate event planners NYC companies rely on, like 23 Layers, can help you create the right budget to meet your goals.

3. Determine Guest List and Location

How many people do you expect at your event? That number helps drive your guest list and, by extension, the venue you choose. You want an event venue that fits your budget and can accommodate what you’re trying to achieve for the event itself and your goals for the festivities. Some venues have long lead times for event scheduling, so you may need to book early, sometimes months in advance, to get the locale you want.

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4. Focus on Marketing

Whether it’s an internal event or one seeking to attract an external audience, you’ll need to think about how to market it. Marketing should focus on reaching people where they’re most apt to respond. That could mean paper invitations, emails, a website or social media. Using multiple channels can help to attract attendees from different backgrounds and ages. People may not respond to that mailed invite or the first email you send, so it’s a good idea to have waves of marketing, starting with a save-the-date announcement and continuing throughout the event cycle.

5. Make the Arrangements

A corporate event is an opportunity for you and your business to shine. That’s why you want the details to be perfect. Corporate event planners have extensive experience and can take the stress and worry out of event planning, ensuring that vendors are booked, menus selected, staffing secured and the event operations run smoothly.

Let a professional and qualified team handle the details and let you focus on core business needs. Especially on the day or evening of the event, you want to concentrate on your guests and their experience. Hiring event planners can help you shine by taking care of the details, from table tents to tablecloths, souvenirs to salads.

6. Follow Up and Evaluate

When the event is over, you’ll want to debrief and assess the impact, thank attendees and participants, and note the refinements you can make for your next corporate event.

The team at 23 Layers has the experience and expertise to make your next corporate event a memorable one.