5 Ways to Create an Impressive Work Presentation

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5 Ways to Create an Impressive Work Presentation

If you work in a corporate or another professional setting, you’ve likely attended a less-than-interesting presentation. While the information in the presentation may be important, you may find yourself counting down the minutes until you can go back to your desk.

Most people expect office presentations to be boring, but there are some tips you can use to make your next speech or product demo more interesting. Here are some ways to make your presentation more interesting.

Utilize Your Audience

One of the best ways to keep your audience interested in what you have to say is to keep them engaged. Ask open-ended questions and listen for answers. You can also use the audience as a visual aid. Instead of showing a percentage on a slide show, divide your audience into groups to demonstrate the percentage. Or, tape numbered cards to the bottom of each seat and provide a prize for the audience member with the winning card.

It’s also important to know your audience. Customize your presentation based on your industry and the subject of your speech and make sure that your examples and anecdotes help your audience understand your material better.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Funny

Even though your presentation may be serious and professional, it’s ok to make your speech interesting by adding some jokes in. You can also play some songs with phrases and lyrics that intensify the themes of your presentation. It also helps to come up with a fun catchphrase that will make it easier for the audience to internalize what you’re saying. Remember that your humor should reflect office culture so make sure you know your audience to avoid saying anything offensive.

Use Memes and GIFs

Even if you have colorful and interactive slides, you may want to use memes and GIFs accompanied by music to get your point across. If your office staff uses certain popular memes and GIFs for online newsletters or other forms of office communication, keep this in mind so you can use the right design themes to make sure your presentation is well-received. You can even create a few short videos to emphasize the key points of your speech and even ask a few volunteers from the audience to bring your ideas to life. This breaks up the monotony of an office presentation and gets people up and moving.

Use Projections Sparingly

Chances are you’ve seen several presentations that involve slides and projected images. This is part of what makes office speeches or demos boring and uneventful. If you’re going to use slides as part of your business presentation design, make sure your images are high-quality and engaging. You can even add a comedic phrase or two to make the images more interesting.

If you decide not to use projected images, you can memorize a monologue or poem that emphasizes the subject of your presentation. Practice as much as you can so your vocal infections and facial expressions accurately express the points you’re trying to make.

Make Sure Your Brainstorm

Don’t wait until you’re on stage or at the podium to find the inspiration you need to deliver a compelling speech. Take time to brainstorm before your presentation. Even if you’re fairly comfortable speaking in front of people, it’s best to be as prepared as you can to reduce nervousness and increase the chances that people will be positively influenced by what you have to say.

Remember that developing great ideas for your office presentation may take some time. You may have to schedule time in your day to work on your speech, make edits, and add anecdotes, music, and other visual aids that will make your presentation one of a kind. Rehearse your speech several times as well. Even if you’re using notecards so you can stay on topic, you should feel comfortable with the material so you won’t have to look down at your notes the entire time you’re speaking. It’s also a good idea to go over your speech with family members and other colleagues to get honest feedback that can help you improve your presentation.

Remember to bring your personality, skill, interests, and creative energy to your presentation. When your speech is informative, memorable, and engaging, you’ll make a great professional impression that could help move your career forward.