How to Influence Consumer Purchasing with 5 Marketing Strategies

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Marketing aims to introduce and promote products and services to potential consumers. An organization’s sales, success, and everything in between depends on it. Marketers allow businesses to gain exposure to many people to influence them to buy their products and services. Marketers often overlook what drives consumers to choose one product over another.

1. Connect online and offline with your audience

Every person in this digital world is hyper-connected, and they consume concept testing research content across multiple platforms and devices. Companies can start conversations with their audience and engage them through social media. However, consumers are reluctant to spend money on a particular product or service because they have become more skeptical of businesses. Consequently, it is important to engage customers in sincere conversations. Businesses should also engage customers offline to influence them to promote their products and services.

2. Know what your target customers need

It is vital for companies to effectively communicate their marketing messages to consumers to influence purchasing a product or service. Social media can influence the way customers think, according to many businesses. Mobile-friendly content that fits people’s needs and preferences is the only way to gain attention. They should directly ask consumers what they want via several social media platforms or emails.

3. Follow the Golden Rule

An attractive business can increase its likability and trustworthiness. An eye-catching website design can influence customers to purchase goods and services from a specific company. One of the most fabulous design techniques is the Golden Ratio to make a website look captivating. Art, design, and architecture are all concerned with proportions. It can be used to determine the most visually appealing font size, proportion, margin, column width, and line height.

4. Utilize the Foot-in-the-Door Method

This concept increases compliance rates and influences consumers to make a purchase decision. Alternatively, it is a way to get someone to accept a bigger request by first accepting a smaller one. Businesses use these tactics to influence consumers ‘ behavior by asking consumers for something small at the outset. They will feel more obliged to act if they comply with the first small request. In other words, companies can make customers opt for their products and services by using this compliance tactic.

5. Provide 24/7 customer service

Through positive customer experiences, companies can influence consumer behavior by creating emotional connections with them. When the company is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer the questions, customers surely get the help they need. According to a study, 42% of social media users expect a response within 60 minutes of making a complaint. Additionally, 57% expect a quick response on weekends and at night.


The above strategies can help businesses influence consumer behavior and convince them to choose their products over others. People worldwide tend to tune out brand-related content on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter because we live in a digital world. All businesses use marketing strategies to promote their goods and services. Several workable approaches are presented in this article that will help you influence your customers’ purchasing decisions.