Useful Digital Marketing Tips You Will Want To Hear

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These days, if your business doesn’t have an online presence, your business might as well not even exist. Are you interested in digital marketing but don’t know how to get started? If so, then this article is for you. The tips provided below are meant to help you understand the basics of digital marketing and how it can be used to drive traffic to their website or blog.

Create A Social Media Presence

One of the top ways businesses can increase their digital marketing is by creating a social media presence. This can be done through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+. Many companies today are revamping their traditional advertising methods by using social media platforms, and for good reason. Not just small businesses use social media, some of the largest corporations in the world are using platforms like Facebook to market their products. How to use some different social media platforms:

Twitter. To properly use Twitter, you can include a hashtag in your tweets for easy searching. For example, if you were promoting a certain product, you would include #productname. This will make it easier to find other people who are also tweeting about that specific product. Another great Twitter tip is to do a question and answer session where you answer questions from other users on the particular topic your business relates to.

Facebook. Facebook is one of the most popular sites out today, with over 1 billion active monthly users. This makes it an excellent place to advertise your business or website, as many internet users flock to this site every day. The only downside is that creating a page for your company does not guarantee customers will “Like” it, so consider offering special deals for Facebook users.

Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the newest social media sites, and it’s growing fast. This site works by having multiple boards that people can post pictures on, and other users can repin (share) them to their own board based on what they like. Users will often check Pinterest while surfing for items they want to purchase, so this makes it a great place to advertise your products or website. One great tip is to include “Pin It” buttons on all your blog posts and websites to get more exposure for your company. 

Website Usability

The most basic aspect of digital marketing is having a website for your business. But, if people can’t use it, then what’s the point? It’s important to make sure that your site is easy to navigate and understand. A tip some sites are using is called “One Click” buttons, which allow users to buy products on their websites with just one click of a button. This decreases cart abandonment, which is the percentage of people who go to buy something but leave before actually making a purchase due to difficulties or even confusion about how to do so. Here are other features you can include on your site to make it more user-friendly:

-User Reviews. People often read reviews before purchasing a product, especially if they aren’t sure about the quality of what they’re buying. This is why adding user reviews to your website is so important, as this will be one way for customers to know that others have actually used your products or services and liked them.

-Guides And Resources. If there’s something your site visitors don’t understand, then guide them through it by including resources or step-by-step instructions. For example, if someone was having trouble figuring out how to navigate around your site, you would include a link at the top right-hand corner “How To Use Our Site” which would take the user to a webpage with further instructions.

-Easy Contact And Returns. Another aspect of your site that is important for visitors is how easy it is to contact you or even return an unwanted purchase. Make sure that all these aspects are readily available on your website and don’t forget to clearly state any applicable returns, refunds, or exchange policies!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Since most internet users use search engines like Google for their online activities, this means they often type in certain keywords or phrases related to what they’re looking for. For example, if someone was looking for a new cell phone, chances are they will type in “cell phones” or “the cell phones”. Your goal as a marketer is to make your business website show up when people search for certain keywords related to what you do. This also helps increase both direct and indirect traffic to your site as more and more people start seeing it.

As you can see, digital marketing is becoming more important every day, and it’s slowly taking over traditional marketing. As a company or business owner, it’s up to you to keep up with the changes, so your business doesn’t get left behind. Practice implementing these tips and soon enough you’ll be reaping the benefits of successful digital marketing strategies!