Advanced Technology Your Company Needs

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Technology refers to using scientific knowledge to create equipment to perform practical tasks. It’s common to think of technology referencing tech devices, such as computers or smartphones. However, technology also encompasses things like irrigation technology, which refers to equipment used to water the soil.

Businesses benefit from technology in multiple ways. Technology’s enabled businesses to use the internet and sell goods online. It’s changed the way companies communicate with suppliers, consumers, and employees. Although the exact types of advanced technology your business may need will depend on your industry, some common forms of technology benefit most companies. Let’s look at the types of advanced tech businesses need.

Many industries can benefit from contact center software.


Call centers include inbound and outbound call centers. Inbound contact centers receive calls from consumers. People may call an inbound call center to place orders or get help. Lawyers, health care providers, retailers, and manufacturers may all use inbound call centers.

Outbound contact centers employ people who place calls. Outbound call centers are commonly associated with telemarketing and many employ sales staff who call potential clients and sell goods or services. Outbound call centers can be used to sell various goods, including timeshares, insurance, vacation packages, kitchen appliances, tools, or magazines.

Omnichannel call center software has transformed call centers by expanding their reach. While call centers once focused on placing or receiving telephone calls, thanks to omni channel contact center software, your customer service representatives can process incoming communications from multiple platforms. Customers who prefer to send a text message, email, or message via social media can choose those communication channels instead of placing a phone call.

Omnichannel software uses artificial intelligence (AI) to process incoming messages and transfer these messages to appropriate customer service professionals, ensuring customers receive prompt responses. Your AI-powered system has access to prior communications and client records, enabling it to determine the most appropriate representative to address the caller’s needs. Customer service representatives can use any communication channel on your system, ensuring they can serve all customers via the customer’s preferred communication method. Using AI to filter incoming messages saves time and reduces the number of times people are transferred to different representatives.

Physical security threats pose risks to businesses.


Companies lose millions to employee theft each year. Companies may also suffer losses from external theft, vandalism, and emergencies, such as building fires. Today, businesses can install sophisticated security systems that include environmental sensors, enabling managers to monitor building conditions from any location. Security systems connected to fire alarms can contact emergency services, increasing response times.

Your business can prevent theft by installing security cameras. Verkada offers various camera types, including fisheye, bullet, and dome series security cameras. Dome cameras are vandalism-proof and easy to install, making them an ideal option for installing internal cameras with a wide field of view. Verkada cameras deter thieves because law enforcement officers can use camera footage to identify and apprehend thieves and vandals. Verkada also supplies access control systems you can use to prevent unauthorized access to rooms or buildings.

Advanced tech makes it easier than ever to communicate.


Computers, smartphones, and social media have changed the way people communicate, making it possible to stay in contact from any location with internet access. Companies can use social media to promote their goods and services. Thanks to apps, you can also use your smartphone to monitor building security even when you’re off-site. You can receive alerts in real time when specific staff members use their credentials to access restricted spaces. You can also use a communication platform, such as a Slack channel, to inform employees about a new sales strategy or share other business information.

Modern technology includes software and devices. Omnichannel software enables you to provide multiple communication channels to consumers. Security cameras protect merchandise and proprietary information, and various devices and programs make it easy to communicate with suppliers and employees.