5 Color Psychology Strategies Top Companies Use in Their Logo

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The colors you choose for your brand logo will affect how people perceive your business brand. Top companies use different brand colors to send a message about their business brand to their audience. With that, they can also build a strong and positive brand image for their company. You can use various affordable design services to create the brand logo that will represent your business in the right way.

So, how do top companies use different colors for their brand? Here are 5 color psychology strategies top companies use in their logo:

Red Coca-Cola Logo

The red Coca-Cola logo started as a way for the company to distinguish its barrels from the barrels for alcoholic beverages. At first, the barrels of Coca-Cola were the same as the barrels containing alcoholic beverages. Thus, to distinguish between the two and to ensure that the tax agents can differentiate between Coca-Cola and alcoholic products, the company painted the barrel with a red color. So, the red color was the practical way for the company to make their products differ from the other similar products.

Afterwards, the company also launched the red color as the new depiction of Santa, dubbed St. Nick. The company launched a very successful St. Nick campaign to promote the Coca-Cola drinks using the color red as its dominant theme, which has influenced the outfit for modern-day Santa until today.

Colorful Google Logo

The Google logo uses multiple colors, and each letter in the Google logo has its own color. There are four colors you can see in the Google logo, which are red, green, blue, and yellow. In color psychology, each color has its own meaning. For instance, blue means productivity, yellow means communication, red means appetite, and green means health.

In regular brand logo creation, you shouldn’t use too many colors for your brand logo, as it can confuse the audience. In the case of the colorful Google logo, the company wants to say that they are innovating instead of following the traditional rules. Their brand logo shows they can still use multiple colors and not damage their brand image by doing so.

Simple Black Apple Logo

The Apple logo has its variations, but the basic Apple logo has black color with its popular bitten apple icon. The black color here often represents simplicity and sophistication, as Apple always wants their products to be minimalistic, modern, and sophisticated. Their logo can represent these qualities best, and it is one aspect that makes this company to be as popular as it is today.

Apple often uses only one color for their logo in various products they have, such as black, white, gold, silver, and so on. It represents their company’s philosophy in the best way, and it makes their brand stand out from the crowd and even has its own strong following worldwide.

  1. Blue IBM Logo

IBM is one of the earliest tech companies in the world, and their logo has undergone some changes in the past. However, their basic logo uses the blue color to represent reliability and professionalism. This makes sense, as most IBM products go to various businesses and companies, so they need to be reliable and professional for their clients and customers when they do business with them.

This company also has a simple logo design with the classic IBM font style which stays true to the original logo design. IBM also uses different color palettes for their logo to differentiate between different products they create.

Black and Yellow Amazon Logo

Amazon has a unique logo consisting of black and yellow colors. It has black color for its letters, and the yellow color for its arrow that represents a smile. Also, the arrow goes from the letter A to the letter Z, giving a message that Amazon has all products you could imagine, from A to Z. 

The black color represents simplicity along with boldness, while the yellow color represents joyfulness and lightness. It is something that the company wants to provide for the customers. They want the customers to shop at their website with joyful feelings, as they can find all the products they are looking for, along with the best deals they can get for their purchases.


These are the color psychology strategies top companies use in their logo. You can use these examples to create your own color psychology strategies to benefit your business brand. For instance, you can use the brand color to distinguish your products from the competitor’s products (just like Coca-Cola), giving your customers a joyful feeling when they use your products or services (just like Amazon), represents your professionalism and reliability (just like IBM), and so on. Good luck!