4 Clever Ways You Can Use TikTok to Promote Your Business

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Tiktok, a Chinese media app, has recently become popular all over the world. It allows users to make videos with various effects and music to share them online. TikTok can be a wonderful opportunity for you to promote your business if you know how to use the app. Here are some tips on how you can use Tiktok to promote your business. 

1. Put A Link To Your Website In Your Tiktok Bio

Your TikTok bio is found just below your profile picture and name. It is a good idea to include a link to your website in the bio. This way, viewers can easily find and contact you or follow you on social media if they are interested in what you have been doing or selling. Learning how to put a link in your tiktok bio is not difficult either. You should use a shortened URL for this part of the bio so that only the important information is available for users. Make sure the link is a working one so that people will know exactly where they are going when they tap on it. Don’t forget to put an easy-to-remember URL if you want them to remember it later on as well. 

2. Hire A TikTok Influencer To Promote Your Business

Working with a TikTok influencer is another effective way to promote your business. On Tiktok, an influencer is anyone who has many viewers and likes on the app, and they can also make money from it. If they have many followers, then you can get more exposure through them and it can benefit both of you since the influencer will be paid for creating such content. Here are some common influencer marketing techniques: 

Product Placement 

This is when an influencer is paid to include the product they are using in their videos. It helps create awareness and increase sales, and you can even integrate it into a contest or giveaway if that’s what you want. For example, you could send over an outfit for the influencer to wear in a video and ask them to mention your company in their Tiktok. It is important to work with people who are genuinely interested in your products so that you can be sure they will put effort into the promotion. 

Sponsored Ads 

These are short videos created by the influencer and paid for by companies to reach a specific target audience. The influencer can mention your company in their video but it doesn’t have to be the focus of the ad. They use different methods in these ads, so you can choose one that is most appropriate for your business and budget. 

Influencer Endorsement 

In this method, an influencer will mention or use your product in a video but it isn’t something that was created by them. It’s just them mentioning your product to their viewers in a natural way, which can be seen as an indirect endorsement since the influencer won’t always mention that it was you who sent them the product.

3. Get Famous On TikTok To Promote Your Business

Another way to promote your business using Tiktok is by making videos and uploading them on the app in order to become famous. This way you don’t have to hire an influencer. Here are some tips to help you become a social media influencer on TikTok: 

Use The Right Hashtags 

Hashtags are a great way to promote your posts and get more likes, shares and views. They can be used for a wide range of things such as engaging with other users, promoting a contest or event, selling products, advertising events or simply uploading content. 

Engage With Influencers 

This is when you interact with influencers on Tiktok because they can help expose your business to their viewers. You should do this in a way that makes sense for your brand, whether it’s commenting under an influencer’s video, or even direct messaging them if that works well. Influencers are connected to other influencers, so if you become friends with one then they might talk about your business or brand to another influencer and it can help expand your reach.

Interact With Your Audience 

Be personal and interact with your audience because this will create a bond between yourself and the people who follow you. It’s important to reply to as many comments as you can and answer any questions they might have. You should also send gifts or reply to their likes and shares with a thank you message. 

4. Use The Apps Features

The app has several features you can use to connect with your audiences, such as the music feature which allows you to upload 15-second videos that you can edit with a variety of TikTok’s filters and effects. You could also produce a song using the app. Also, if you have a compatible smartphone, then you can use the app’s face filters to make your videos more personal. 

TikTok is very popular with social media artists and their fans, so it should be easy for them to market your business or brand on Tiktok. You can also promote yourself by becoming famous on the app. When you create a business account, you can upload videos and engage with your audience in order to grow brand exposure. There are several ways to do this such as by using hashtags or uploading your business link in your bio.