15 Tips – How To Write A Product Description That Converts

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Product descriptions come in many forms, but they are generally short and factual, emphasizing specific features of the offered product or service. This article will share 15 tips on how to write a product description professionally.

It is not easy to write a product description professionally. When you write a description for your article, blog post, product, or service, you want to be specific about what it does and why people should buy it. A good product description may substantially decrease your cost for converting prospects into clients.

Following are 15 tips on how to write a professional product description that is both interesting and usable:

1. Try To Use Active Verbs That Create Curiosity In The Reader

This will help your product description stand out from the rest of your business’ products and services with professionalism and usability.

2. Use Short Sentences

There are many different things that you can do when writing a description that will make it stand out from the rest. One of these things is to use short sentences and then put a period at the end of each one. Another thing is to use bullet points for features and benefits.

3. Make It Brief And Concise

The description should be brief and concise; we want to keep our customers interested, and we don’t want them to lose interest in what we’re saying because we’ve dragged on for too long.

4. Know Your Reader

Whether a prospective customer or someone in your industry, you need to use the little bit of knowledge you have on the person and write with their needs in mind.

Recognizing and understanding your reader’s needs and motivation will give your product description a polished look and attract the person’s attention with ease. This type of writing strategy provides the best chance for quality results.

5. Describe The Product With Enthusiasm

Your readers want to know what is unique about it, and they don’t want to read bland, lifeless words that are boring and hard to follow. Show them you mean business by writing with enthusiasm and using words that will pique their interest.

6. Be unique

When writing your product description, do not be afraid of trying something new or different than what you usually do. If you typically use one type of sentence structure, try another one on for size.

If your writing style is usually formal, try using a more conversational tone. You don’t want to try too hard to be different, but you want to put your little personal touch on the product description.

7. Write For Your Target Audience’s Level Of Knowledge

If you are marketing for a product or service to be used by the general public, use words that are easy for them to understand. However, if you are selling an industry-specific product or service, speak in a language that the industry understands.

8. Use Active Verbs

Using active verbs is the most important thing to remember when marketing your product or service in this manner. It can make all the difference between an uninteresting product description and one that stands out from the rest of your business’ marketing.

9. Be Specific

When marketing your product or service, don’t be afraid to show off a little. If you can’t be clear about what it does, try to avoid using words like “and,” “or,” and “but.” Use “namely” or “such as” to clarify what you mean by using particular words.

10. Sustain The Suspense

When writing product descriptions, you need to keep your readers waiting for more in a good way. Avoid these phrases: “Here is the best…”, “We promise…”, “Here is what you are going to get…”. When presenting the product or service, you want to make sure your readers are eager to know more.

11. Avoid using clichés

Write without using cliched language that has become overused for your product description to stand out from the rest of your business’ marketing.

12. Use the power of comparison

Compare your product or service to another to show how it is better in some way. This provides added value in the product description by delivering what makes it so unique and valuable for readers to see how it is an option they should seriously consider buying.

13. Make it easy for your readers to act on what you are saying

Make it easy for the reader to see the benefits of what you are saying. For example, if you are writing an article about an online business opportunity, don’t use the phrase “this opportunity will bring you huge profits.” Instead, use “you can earn 1,000’s of dollars per month” or “you can create a multi-million dollar business.”

The former uses passive verbs instead of active verbs, making your product description sound weak and making the reader lose interest. The latter has the power of active verbs, which makes the reader feel more interested in your product or service.

14. Use images

If you are talking about a product or service that can be seen or touched, provide a picture of it with your product description. This will help the reader get a feel for what you are talking about and can be very helpful when it comes time to close the deal with them.

15. Proofread

Finally, proofread your product description at least twice before posting it or using it for any other purpose. This is a final way to ensure that your product description sounds good and that everything about it is correct.

Bottom Line

good product description is key to selling your product or service. You can decrease conversion costs and get more sales with less investment. You must use it to the best of your ability by creating one that effectively sells your product or service. Use these tips for writing compelling product descriptions, and you will soon be on your way to increased profits.