Wondering What Makes A Website Stand Out? Find Out Here

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You have a website, and you’re wondering what makes for a stand-out site. Perhaps your site is good but it just doesn’t seem to be attracting the traffic that you had hoped for or maybe it’s just not looking as up-to-date as you’d like. In any case, there are many factors at work here.

In general, people tend to visit websites that look different from other sites they have visited in the past. However, this isn’t enough by itself to make a web page outstanding – people will quickly get used to seeing something which looks slightly different and then stop noticing it altogether. Therefore for your website to stand out and achieve that ‘wow factor, you’ll need to do some more work. Here are some simple steps.

Make your front page look different

This is the first thing people will notice about your site and so you must do everything you can to make this initial impression a good one. Remember what we said above – if your site looks too similar to other ones, people won’t visit it because they’ll think they have already been there or because they simply don’t notice it at all.

So instead of just creating another lookalike site, take some time to think about what makes your business different from the rest and how you can present it online. If you are not sure that you can come up with the most creative idea, find an agency specialized in designing a website in Surrey because chances are they will know exactly what you need. The biggest advantage of working with an agency is that they will give your business website a competitive edge.

Keep it simple while still being visually appealing

Duplicating existing ideas only serves to keep people away from your site, not bring them in. You do not want this because it will cost you money and eventually you’ll end up with no visitors at all. To avoid this, what you need here is simplicity combined with creativity. Pick one or two factors that make the main difference between your site and others and highlight them so that every time people visit your page they immediately notice these differences.

Do not overwhelm people with too many things on your front page, but do keep it simple and interesting while creatively presenting your business. Remember that above all else people want to know what you can do for them and how you can help them, which is the whole point of designing a website in the first place.

Integrate social media into your site

People love to be able to connect directly with businesses on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. This means that if there is no link from your front page to any of these networks, you are missing out on a great opportunity for new business because everyone who visits your site could go on and become a follower of yours without ever coming back again. So take some time and add this functionality plus an email address form in the footer of your website. This way you are not only designing a website but also establishing it as an online business presence in the virtual world.

Designing for mobile devices

Nowadays almost everyone uses smartphones to access websites so if yours isn’t working properly on mobiles then chances are people will just simply move on to another one that will work perfectly well with their device. And since designing a good-looking responsive site can be easily outsourced, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t hire an agency or company specialized in designing a website to do this job for you. They will deliver exactly what your customers want and need – a mobile-friendly platform they can use to find out more about your business and possibly even make a purchase.

Use videos to tell your story

Videos can be used in many ways and one of them is to display testimonials from satisfied customers. If you have people talking positively about the services they received from you, don’t hide it – share this information with everyone who visits your website. This alone will make designing a website worth all your efforts because what else would better describe how great your company is than actual customer testimonials? Another reason for adding videos directly to your site is providing potential customers with another way of understanding what makes you different.

By designing a website, you’re creating an online presence for your company through which you can express yourself and present to potential customers.  So keep these tips in mind and put some effort into designing a website that fits all your needs and fulfills all your expectations. Best of luck!