6 Mistakes Beginners Make When Using Realtor Farming Postcards for the First Time

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If you are going to use a new marketing method for your real estate business, you need to think long and hard about which type of advertising will help you reach your clientele base and expand your target market. Fortunately for you, there is one type of marketing method that does both – realtor farming postcards. By using postcards, you can send physical advertisements of you and your services to specific people in your local area to broadcast your services and increase the likelihood of them using you in the future.

Learn more about a few reasons why you should include this in your marketing campaign and some mistakes you NEED to avoid as a beginner!

 6 mistakes you must avoid when using realtor farming postcards for the first time!

 Not including your name

One of the main mistakes that beginners may make when they are using realtor farming postcards or their first time is forgetting to add their first and last name. Including your first name is great, but adding your last name shows a sense of professionalism. Not to mention, it lets the recipients have an easier time finding you by doing online searches and making sure you are credible in the industry.

 Adding too much information

Realtor farming postcards are small – they are meant to be used for basic information only. If you decide to include your entire history, long paragraphs about your work, and other blurbs that take up too much space on the postcard, this can lead to an information overload.

 Not including a previous listing

Sometimes, your clients and potential customers will want to know a place that you worked on and sold. If you have recently sold a big listing for millions of dollars, include this on your realtor farming postcards to show your prowess in the industry. If you do not include any of your past experience and history, people may think that you are unqualified for the job.

 Boring design

Avoid using boring designs on realtor farming postcards – they should be interesting, eye-catching, dynamic, and brightly colored to attract the attention of your clients and future customers.

 Sending to not enough people

Realtor farming postcards are meant to be sent to lots of people so you can increase your chances of getting a new license in a specific area. Make sure you send enough realtor farming postcards so the cost is worth it!

 Not including any photos

On your realtor farming postcards, you should include a picture of yourself, a house you’ve just sold, your business logo, or a picture of your company. If you do not add any graphics, the postcard can be boring and people will glance over all of the writing.


Make sure that when you’re creating realtor farming postcards for the first time as a beginner, you include some basic information. You want to avoid making mistakes on the postcards like adding too much info or using a boring design, as this can cause customers to lose interest in your services.