Cybersecurity Leadership: The Lack of Emotional Intelligence In Cybersecurity Is Why We Are Losing The Cyberwar

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Working in cybersecurity can be difficult, and vulnerabilities such as human error can lead to cyber-attacks. There are new security breaches every day, and the fact that criminals can exploit human exposure leads to these issues. It has been shown that in the past year, these employees have fallen for phishing scams and phony emails in which they should have been able to realize were fake. Other employees have admitted sending precious emails to outside parties due to fatigue and frustration. So how do we stop these attacks and poor work from employees? We use the correlation between cyberattacks and emotional intelligence. It is wildly compelling, and companies across the nation are employing this vital technique.

What Defines EQ?

Emotional intelligence is classified as the innate ability to be able to manage, understand and use your emotions in positive, healthy ways concerning your work, other people, and your life. When you have solid emotional intelligence, you will find that you have stronger relationships, manage yourself effectively, and have significant social and self-awareness. In addition to this, your physical and mental health improves, as does your success on the job. It is not always the most brilliant person who has the best position; it manages relationships safely and in a mature manner and can handle when times get tough.

Why It Matters In Cybersecurity

In the past few years, hackers have understood the importance of EQ and have been rising to the level of sophisticated schemes to get you to surrender to an attack. The scams are more convincing, and more hackers are bypassing cybersecurity measures as a result. It doesn’t matter if your systems are great as long as people keep getting past them. By playing on emotions, hackers can flip it back on you and steal your information. As such, cybersecurity should be trained on EQ so they can avoid these issues.

Be Positive With Cybersecurity

One area that leadership training would help when it comes to cybersecurity is positivity. When you get attacked, the focus tends to be on the failure and not what the employee did right. It is vital to understand the mistakes and the danger, but you need to focus on the positive areas of protecting the companies and data. That encourages people to keep trying instead of giving up and not caring.

Practice Empathy with Others When Employing Leadership Training For Geeks

When you are practicing emotional intelligence, that means understanding how feelings impact those around you. For example, if you are having a bad day and snapping at everyone and being emotionally distant, chances are those around you will feel depressed too. Or, if you are happy and smiling, you might cheer someone else up. You never know what your emotions can do. Be kind and empathetic to others. Each employee is under an insane amount of pressure. Does that excuse careless mistakes? Not. However, it is still beneficial to consider what they are going through and the forces they are under to understand them and their point of view better. That ensures a better working environment with more minor mistakes. When employing leadership training for geeks, these tactics are vital.

Teaching Your Staff to Be Suspicious

When you have a successful hacker, you will find it’s because they played on your employee’s need to respond quickly. Also known as spearfishing. This is when a hacker impersonates someone high up, like an executive, a CEO, or someone from the human resources department. They lure employees to expose cash, information, and goods. Then they use the data against you. A good example here is a popular app that got hacked, and their payroll information was exposed. The hacker had pretended to be the CEO, a trusted employee believed them, and they had access to the data. Instead of relying on them immediately, send a call or email to confirm the legitimate situation. Taking an extra ten minutes could save your company thousands of dollars and protect your employees from getting hurt.

Time To Start Training

With cybersecurity, you will find that they invest millions and even billions in training, but we still get hacked daily. Security training, however, can be successful when you add EQ training. They forget that being bored caused many mistakes in the past few years, which is an emotional issue. Training classes don’t hold attention. You need to ensure that the training is solid and that they pay attention. Otherwise, you are wasting time. Another area that helps is using examples from the real world in training as it is more relatable and understandable.

Human Error Causes A Lot Of Issues

Human error is a common issue, and even if you employ the proper techniques, chances are you will still get hacked from mistakes. However, it won’t be nearly as much. Using EQ training is vital for getting your company on the right track. You need to evaluate your company honestly and consider what would happen at the worst or best. You will find that those who employed this strategy have a marked difference in attacks than those who didn’t. Ultimately it comes down to saving yourself and your employees from making crucial mistakes that bring down a company and everyone with it.

Stopping Cyber Attacks with Emotional Intelligence

Cybersecurity is a delicate business, and it requires employees to work smarter and be more innovative with how they understand and deal with hackers. As a result, your company will be safer, and you can avoid losing millions of dollars or getting your employees hurt with dangerous leaks. The ability to be more decisive in recognizing hacker’s tricks is vital to ensuring your company’s safety. Employees will have a better work environment, limited mistakes, and your company improves by employing emotional intelligence techniques. Using the tips that we showed you above, you will be able to begin new training opportunities and strategies that bring your company to an entirely new level of working and thinking. That ensures the success of your business.