How Captive Portal Allows Businesses to Gather Client’s Information

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A captive portal is a mechanism that businesses can use to harness customer information and provide a free Wifi network to their patrons. By being able to learn important customer information, like their contact email address, name, or demographics, businesses can then tailor their marketing efforts to work with their typical customers. Learning about their target market and their typical clientele can help businesses tailor their marketing campaigns, interact with those who are most likely to use their business’ products or services, and direct their time and resources towards the ideal customer.

Let’s see the main benefits of using a wifi captive portal for all business types and how they can use that crucial information to modify their marketing campaigns and advertising efforts.  

Benefits of a wifi captive portal for your business 

Protect your business

One of the main benefits of using a wifi captive portal is that you will be protecting your business against any unauthorized access. If you find that people are constantly mooching from your free network, then you should use a captive portal so you can block unwanted web traffic and keep the number of connected users as low as possible. 

After all, you don’t want your dedicated customers to have to wait minutes for long page refresh times while using the internet -instead, keeping your web page only for customers keeps the internet speed fast and the access only for authorized users!

Data capture

The main benefit of using a wifi captive portal for businesses is the ability to capture data regarding your target market. This way you can learn more about what they are interested in, why they are using your business, their age and demographics, their location, their email addresses, and other contact information. You can use this customer information to form an email list that you can send special deals and promotions to in the future. 

Brand awareness

A captive portal is one of the best ways that businesses in all sectors can use the information they gain to help create targeted marketing efforts and influence their brand awareness. If you want to portray an accurate photo of your company, use the captive portal to be able to target a specific audience. 

Control the connection

The final benefit of using a wifi captive portal for businesses is to control the connection. By disabling some users from hogging the portal, you can avoid any unwanted access and also protect others who are using the network. If your customer is using the network and their account is hacked, this can lead to a data breach – make sure you control the connection to avoid phone users hogging the server, people from hacking others, and any security breaches. 


Providing your customer with a free wifi captive portal is one of the best ways that you can learn more about your target market, keep customers coming back for more, and provide your dedicated clientele with special offers. By learning about your ideal customer, you can tailor your marketing efforts and brand awareness towards a specific group that you know will be interested in your business.