5 Creative Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Business

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In today’s competitive business environment, finding the right marketing practices to help you stand out from your competition is key to your success. But how exactly do you make a splash among your competitors? Which marketing strategies are going to make an indelible impact on those who come across your marketing resources and convince them to buy your products and services? To help you think outside the box, here are five creative marketing ideas to boost your business.

1. Give away custom business products at local events.


If you’re a business that serves a specific area rather than offering its products and services across the nation, you will rely heavily on local marketing tactics. However, one excellent resource at your disposal that’s often overlooked is local events like markets, fairs, and festivals. These events are a great place to help you get new customers better acquainted with your products and even potentially test them out for themselves.

However, there’s another hidden benefit to these events: being able to hand out branded freebies. When people get free items with your name on them (and the items are high quality), they will be more likely to enlist your help or recommend you to people they know. How do you get started? You can turn to a company like minespress.com for help! Mines Press offers custom printing services and marketing supplies to help your business thrive. Whether you’re looking for custom folders, pens, notebooks, or other promotional products, you’re only a click away from sticking in your customers’ heads.

2. Increase foot traffic to your business using exciting displays.

Getting people who are simply passing by into your store relies on having an exciting display. You can go above and beyond by looking for exciting displays like those offered by Glow Inflatables. This company specializes in making a host of custom inflatable products and inflatable decor that can glow through the use of colorful bulbs. When these special events are over and the glow-in-the-dark feature is no longer needed, you still have a stunning inflatable display outside your store. If you have plenty of room to advertise and don’t want displays that only appeal to the watchful eye, a massive inflatable that glows is the perfect way to get people in your store.

3. Start networking with similar businesses to reach new clients.

Networking has many benefits, but one lesser-known one is the fact that it can help you tap into a new client pool. If you have similar businesses in your area or online, reach out to them to see how the both of you could benefit from what the other has to offer. For example, if you run an orthodontic office, sending promotional materials and forming a relationship with a local dentist will help you get a steady stream of clients that need your care. Remember, other businesses are not always competition to avoid.

4. Run a special promotion that people can’t walk away from.


For new businesses to make a splash, they really have to set themselves apart. One way to do this is to run a special promotion that brings a great deal of attention to your business. Whether this is a special freebie, a massive discount on a product that would otherwise be quite costly, or some other deal, this will get all eyes on your business. Once you’ve proven your value, it’s just a matter of continuing to gain traction from there.

5. Demonstrate your values by giving back locally or nationally.

Everyone loves a business that does some good in the world. Try finding local or national events that you can participate in that aligns with your business’s visions and values and start participating. This will not only show that your business cards, but the press related to the event will help you get some free and valuable marketing as well. The more you get involved, the more people will notice you.

Marketing can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to come up with new and inventive ways to get the word out there. The good news? With just a few ideas, thinking outside of the box is simple. Use or adjust the five creative marketing ideas listed above to help you get some insight and inspiration!