6 Restaurant Social Media Ideas for 2022

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As social media takes over, food businesses can’t avoid platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Unfortunately, restaurants are no exception to this rule. 

But how can you stand out from the competition? Most restaurants have been using social media marketing successfully for the past years, and it seems like yours is behind. So, whether you want to level up your social media game or start a new one from the ground, we have seven smart tips you can use for the upcoming year. 

1. Share your restaurant story

What’s unique about your restaurant? Do you have a long and exciting story behind your business? Or, maybe you’re the first local restaurant in town. People love hearing background stories that are engaging, meaningful, and exciting. 

Some stories you can share include a family-owned recipe, how your restaurant was founded and passed from generation to generation, or an interesting storyline about the naming. 

2. Celebrate special holidays

You can make and share special offers on social media, including product promotions, contests, giveaways, unique recipes, etc. For example, if you own a Chinese restaurant, you can provide sauces for free and share the news on social media. 

This technique is also a part of your content marketing strategy as you will already have planned it for a whole year. 

3. Leverage influencer marketing

Humans tend to believe the opinion and the experience of other humans, so if you haven’t worked with an industry influencer before, 2022 can be the year to start doing it. 

If you have a much-loved meal on your menu or a new recipe you want to add in, it’s a great chance to contact an influencer and offer an exciting collaboration. Make sure the person you choose aligns well with your social media content, design, and overall aesthetics because it will shape an opinion about your restaurant. 

4. Create better content

What does it mean to do better content-wise? First, it doesn’t have to be something too innovative. You can keep it simple yet attractive and informative for your audience. 

For example, if you use social media to advise on nutrition and wellness, you can share a glycemic index chart that shows how different foods increase blood sugar levels. Start by understanding what your audience is looking for, what trends they follow, their food taste, and their behavior. This step will help create a more appropriate content strategy for the upcoming year. 

5. Share restaurant reviews

Even with the rise of technology and digital marketing, genuine human opinion remains the number one boost for your business. If you get good feedback from customers, actively share it on social channels to create more trust towards your restaurant. In case of lousy feedback (which happens naturally), make sure to give a solution to the issue and respond professionally. 

Reviews are one of the most effective techniques in digital marketing strategies. Especially when it comes to restaurants, people love eating great food recommended by other people. 

6. Use video marketing strategies

Don’t hesitate to share interactive videos on your restaurant’s social media accounts. Especially with Instagram, users come to entertain themselves and consume millions of visual content, including video. So, you can share Reels of exciting food recipes, post videos of cooking tips, and even backstage fun video stories from the kitchen. 

Instagram specifically offers a wide range of video options so that you can get as creative as never before. Besides, there’s also a wide variety of unique filters, hashtags, and live videos to benefit from. 


It can sometimes seem complicated to think of new social media ideas as another year begins. However, social media always offers new options so that restaurants can boost their accounts, grow visibility, and build brand awareness. So you can start with the ones stated above and come up with new ideas as 2022 goes.