How using an exit intent pop-up on your eCommerce can help increase conversion rates and collect email leads

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If you want to increase conversion rates, boost email leads, and reach your target market, you need to use a new form of advertising on your web page to prevent consumers from leaving your website unhappy!

 Benefits of exit-intent popups for your e-commerce success

First, you might be wondering – what is an exit-intent popup? Well, if you have ever been to a store in-person or online, chances are you have noticed that there are times when you go shopping for something but you can’t find it. Not only have you wasted your time, but you didn’t get what you are looking for. If this is the case, you may have been stopped by an employee to see if you have found everything you are looking for. If this has happened to you, this is the in-person version of an exit-intent popup in a store. The employee is trying to get you to purchase something before leaving so you can leave satisfied and happy. If you leave without getting your product, it is a failure for yourself and for the store.

An exit intent pop-up is a popup or ad that appears on your laptop or computer screen when you are about to get off of a website. Whether you didn’t find what you were looking for or you were redirected to the page by accident, the website will try to prevent you from leaving the site.

If businesses use an exit-intent popup for their homepage, they can boost eCommerce conversion rates and empower marketers to collect various email leads to use in their future marketing strategies. By coming up with a list of subscribers and dedicated consumers from their target market, businesses can use this email list to formulate their new marketing ploys to pertain to the specific clientele.

One type of exit-intent popup that is useful for businesses to increase their conversion rates and boost sales is the wheel of popups. This new solution is a type of exit-intent popup that has been proven to be 300-400% more effective than other marketing solutions due to the spin-discount feature that can either be embedded in the website or used as an advert pop-up when a user tries to leave the site.

The exit-intent popup will work on the web page by tracking the movement of the cursor of the user to see what they’re moving towards the “X” in the corner of the window. If the user is about to click on the X to leave the page, the exit-intent popup will appear to prevent the user from leaving without thinking about this new product or ad they are seeing.


As you can see, using an exit-intent popup on your webpage can prevent a user from leaving without finding what they are looking for. By using this type of advertisement and a wheel of popups, you can increase your marketing strategy and ensure it is nearly 400% more effective than other solutions.