11 Things to Consider When Choosing a Home Printer

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With several brands and models of printers in the market, how would you know which one is the most suitable for home use? Choosing the right printer is crucial as it is an expensive purchase. You want to be investing in a device you want to get the most out of and use for a long time. Whatever you may need it for, here are the 11 factors that you should keep in mind while purchasing a printer:

11 Things to Consider When Choosing a Printer 


First things first, set the budget that you are willing to spend on a printer. Of course, if you want better performance and more advanced features, you may need to add a bit more. However, some mid-range models are already good value for money, so consider going with those if you have a more limited budget. Setting a budget also helps narrow down your choices. 


Before going into the printer market and finding the most high-tech one you see, you have to take a moment and think about what you will use the printer for. Is it for school? Are you planning to create a business at home? Are you planning to print pictures with it? Although you will be finding yourself looking at hundreds of models, knowing what type of need of printer you need gives you an idea of what to look for.

Laser vs. Inkjet

There are two main types of printing technology: laser and inkjet. They are different from one another, and each has its own pros and cons. Figuring which one’s you need may depend on the purposes. For example, some say that inkjet is ideal for photo printing, while the laser is better for mass-producing documents. However, in the end, it all boils down to personal preference.


If you are not the only person who will be using it at home, you may need to consider the ease of use of the device, especially if you and the people you will be sharing it with are not used to a complicated technology.

Types of ink

You may also choose a printer depending on the type of ink, as this is what you will constantly purchase to refill the device. You will be choosing between ones that use cartridges versus ink tanks. If you are printing a bulk of documents, go for ink tanks as they hold more ink, but they can be pretty expensive. So if you are not going to use it that often, a printer cartridge is a more appropriate purchase.

Paper format

You also have to consider the paper formats that you will be used for printing in connection with the purposes we mentioned above. For example, if you will be printing more photos on photo papers, choose one suitable for that use.

Quality of images

Of course, you need to find a printer that can produce high-quality images if you will print photos often. However, if you will be printing articles or essays, then a standard model would be enough.

Speed of printing

If you are printing in bulk and need the process to be fast, you also have to consider the speed. Each model and type of printer may differ, and speed and page yields or the average number of pages the ink cartridge or tank can print.


Most printers now are multifunctional, which is great because you can now have a printer device that can print, scan, photocopy, and fax at just one price. However, the more functions the device has, the more expensive it is. So, if you would not be using a fax system, then you do not have to purchase a printer that has one.

Type of connectivity

If you are a more techy person, connectivity may be a big deal for you. For example, most newly-released printers right now can be connected through WiFi, which means fewer wires and less mess.


This may not be a big deal to most which is why it is the last one. However, some only have limited space, especially if they will be placing it in a room. Printers come in different sizes, and you will see that some are compact while others are too bulky.

We know these are a lot of factors, but printers are a big purchase you want to ensure that you are purchasing the best one for your needs.