5 Essential Elements of an Effective Business Website

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Any successful business you can think of has a website, but what is it about their website that makes you want to visit them? Here are five points of information to include on your business’ website to make future customers well informed about who you are, as well as where they should be placed.

Explanation of What Your Business Does

This is the most important point to have on your website. For example, if your business is selling organic food or products, a customer will want to know how you create such goods and why. If your business is about sharing information on organic food or products, instead, it should be clear that your company does not actually sell your own product.

Location, Location, Location

It is essential to communicate the location of your business or have where your business services customers listed clearly. This could be as simple as “services to the Dallas business district” or as thorough as this pest control mesa AZ website, showing all the service zip codes for that business. Any customer at least needs to know if either they come to your business or if you can come to them. E-commerce businesses who only ship products still need to be clear about their own location, and any potential shipping limitations internationally.

Contact Info

According to a poll, 62% felt that contact information is critical on any company website. Any customer should feel comfortable calling or emailing your business with any questions they cannot find the answer to on your website. Still, they can’t do that without contact information. Your contact information would also be the perfect place to put your company’s hours. Doing so would keep your customers from calling at all hours of the day and allow your business to run more smoothly.

Up-To-Date Blog Posts

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In our current climate, it is hard to tell which businesses are opening back up and when. An up-to-date blog can fix this problem with a section about what your business is doing. Not only will this make your clients feel well informed, but it will save you a lot of headaches from confused customers. 

Most businesses use a Facebook profile for this reason. You would have the perfect place to inform your current customers while also growing your social media presence with new customers. This could be on sales, closing days for holidays, or any news about your company! It is a great way to kill two birds with one stone, as they say.


Ah yes, the FAQ section. This can get overlooked but is one of the first places people look when shopping on a new website or using their services. The FAQ section allows companies to answer basic questions such as your return policy, information on your products, etc. This builds trust with potential customers and can save you and your employees time.

Each of these points should be either in an “About Us” section or the footer of your website. Location and contact information should be in both places for easy access. FAQs should be in your footer linked as their own section.