Why Use WordPress for Your Site’s SEO

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Why do people prefer WordPress for SEO? This article looks at some of the reasons people do so.

Pretty Permalinks

What are permalinks? They are the URLs on a website. It is easy to edit permalinks on the WordPress dashboard. How? You just visit settings on the dashboard and change your permalinks. The permalinks look like https://yourwebsite.com/?p=123.

It is better to customize it to a format like this https://yoursite.com/%postname%/. This format is not only better for your website visitors. It is also better for search engines. It makes it easy for your visitors and search engines to understand the topic of your web page.

Here are two ways permalinks affect search engine rankings:

Keywords in the URL are one of the important ranking factors

Using keywords in your URLs can increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your web pages on the search engines.

CTR is also a search ranking factor. If your web pages get fewer clinks, they are more likely to get dropped into lower positions. Therefore, you can use the right keywords to improve your CTR and improve the position of your web pages.

Another way ugly permalinks can reduce your website traffic is you will get less traffic from multiple sources, including social media. It is almost impossible for people to click ugly permalinks on social media. So, it is much better to customize your permalinks. Do not leave your permalinks with the default option.

Add Metadata

The title and the meta description of a web page are the main ranking factors. Therefore, it is important to add them to every web page on your site. You can add your targeted keyword in the meta description to increase the chance of ranking on the search engine.

In addition, they can improve your CTR because they are viewable on the search results. It is easy to add them to your content. You just install a free SEO plugin and use it to add keywords and meta descriptions to your web pages.

It takes a few minutes to add metadata. Once you find the right SEO plugin, you can use it to add metadata to every web page on your website. If you do not want to manually add the metadata, you can use either All in One SEO or Yoast SEO. They automatically add the metadata by getting the information from your web page title and first sentence.

Optimize Your Pictures

You can use images to make your content more attractive. It is easy for your website visitors to spend more time on a website with several images. Therefore, the images can improve user experience, improving your search engine rankings. However, you need to use quality and relevant images.

Optimizing your pictures for SEO increases website traffic. How do you optimize your pictures? Click the edit option of the image. Then, add your target keywords to the “Alternative Text” box. Using your targeted keyword can get you the best results. It is important to optimize every picture for SEO on your website.

Do not forget to edit the size of your picture. Editing the picture improves your website speed. It is easy to use a free plugin to optimize the size of any picture automatically.

Improve User Experience

Improve user experience to increase your dwell time and even increase the conversion rate of your website. Poor web design and ugly websites can lead to a bad user experience. A bad user experience can increase the bounce rate of your website.

The average time your website visitors spend on your website can affect your search engine rankings. This is because search engines understand user experience. Visit your Google Analytics account to check the bounce rate of your website. Having a high bounce rate can mean you have poor quality content. Therefore, you can lose your search engine rankings.

Having a good website increases engagement. More people will leave comments on your website. Some will even ask you questions. Getting several comments on your website can improve the ranking of your website.

There are several options for customizing your website on WordPress, including great themes and plugins. It is easy to use these themes and plugins to customize a website. Use them to design an amazing website.

Website Speed

Even though website speed is not one of the ranking factors, you are more likely to lose more traffic if your website takes longer to load. This is because it affects the bounce rate of your website. In fact, Google can ban your website if it is very slow.

If you are using WordPress, you may not have a problem with website speed. You can use one of the fast-loading themes on WordPress. You can even use some plugins to improve the speed of your website.

However, if you do not use WordPress properly, you are more likely to get a slow website. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check the speed of your website.