How An SEO Company Can Help You Boost Your Website Traffic

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Search engine optimization (SEO) entails increasing the visibility of a site on search engines. It consists of creating and distributing content on the web and includes the management and optimization of the content to make it more visible to search engines. Sounds complicated? It can be, and there are many more moving parts than people think, which is why many businesses hire a dedicated SEO company to deal with the ins and outs. Such companies allow you to focus on your business without getting into the technical aspects of ranking a website in search engines.

What is SEO (In A Nutshell)

You may have already brought the benefits of SEO to your attention, but it impacts your business more than you think. SEO is an art that requires a deep analysis of your website and your competitors’ sites. This enables the SEO expert to create a game plan that they can follow, resulting in more traffic to your website and more revenue.

Traffic Doesn’t Always Mean Conversion

While the main aim of SEO is to get your website to the top of the search results (which will be referred to as “Google” in this post), it doesn’t always mean that the traffic will convert and create income. Nevertheless, the lines seem to be getting more blurred these days, and a trusted SEO company will often advise on how to improve conversion or take the necessary steps themselves. It should also be noted that the speed at which your site loads can affect how well your site turns traffic into customers and also happens to be within the remit of SEO. As you can see, it isn’t so clear-cut, and the services offered may indirectly boost other parts of your business. With all of this in mind, what are the main reasons you should hire an SEO company?

How Can An SEO Company Boost Traffic?

You can break down the answer to this question into three parts:

  1. Technical.
  2. Content.
  3. Promotion.


A technical SEO refers to various ways websites are evaluated for their content, navigation, and structure. Technical SEO focuses on the content and design of the site, which includes the identity, architecture, and capabilities of the site. Technical SEO is one of the main ways Google determines the quality of a website and how users interact with the site. Some of the main aspects of technical SEO include:

  • Site speed: As briefly touched upon earlier, site speed is an essential factor in ensuring your customers stay on your site and spend money, but it is also a ranking factor. Furthermore, Google recently made it a part of what is known as their “core algorithm,” meaning that it is a direct ranking signal.
  • Mobile friendly: In 2019, Google created a dedicated mobile index due to the move from desktop browning to mobile. Although you might think your website is mobile-friendly, an SEO company will confirm it or set it up to index correctly.
  • Structured data: Structured data has become more and more complex for search engine optimization, but it is an essential component. It tells Google or other search engines what your website is about, making it more likely that it will rank highly for search queries related to it.
  • Site structure: An SEO expert will set up or rearrange your site to enable it to be crawled more efficiently by Google. An efficient and well-laid website is far more likely to rank.
  • Security: Most websites will have set up the HTTPS protocol, which has made the web a safer place for people to search. However, if your site still uses the antiquated HTTP version, the SEO company you hire should be able to fix it.


The world has become a content-driven culture in recent years. It is possible to manage all of the content you need to create and publish, but it is slightly more complex than writing an article and pressing publish. One way is through content marketing, a strategy to produce, distribute, and promote relevant content to your target audience. Using content marketing as a promotional tool is a cost-effective solution since it provides long-term, scalable results. An SEO company will set up a plan for the content, which includes:

  • Keywords: Keywords are the things that people search for online. For example, if your company sells mattresses, you might want to rank for the keyword: “what is the best mattress for people with back pain” or some variation of that. These kinds of keywords are what are known as buyer intent. As a result, after searching for that particular keyword and visiting your website, they will purchase a mattress if the content answers their questions effectively, which leads to the next point.
  • Conversion Optimized Content: Writing the content is often not enough; it needs to be of a high level and answer the searcher’s question directly. This takes some skill, and most SOE companies will have professional writers on their staff who can achieve this.


One of the most critical steps includes building backlinks and putting your website in front of your target audience. Backlinks remain the most important ranking signal to the likes of Google and are essentially a vote of confidence about your site. However, the links must be high-quality and from other trusted websites. By reusing the mattress example, if you get a backlink from the New York Times in one of their articles about how you can reduce back pain, this is a massive vote of confidence. However, if you got a link from a website called that nobody has ever heard about, it isn’t so great. In their efforts to gain valuable backlinks, professional SEOs will contact relevant websites to build links. 

SEO is an art form where everything links together. For example, you need a well-functioning website full of valuable information to get backlinks to boost the search engine results. All of this can be done by yourself, but it is time-consuming and full of potential pitfalls if you don’t know what you are doing. Therefore, it is best to hire a company that lives and breathes SEO to get you the most significant results.