Why Do Cat Product Sites Need Social Media Promotion?

Who Let the Cats Out?

There is a wide variety of options to take if you are looking for a pet. You can go for domesticated ones like cats, dogs, birds, fishes, hamsters, and rabbits. Then there are the unusual ones like turtles, lizards, pigs, ferrets, and hedgehogs. And you can even go for wild and exotic ones like snakes, tigers, tarantula, seals, foxes, and wolves.

But if you are looking for a pet that is relatively easy to take care of, cute, cuddly, furry, and they feel like they own the house, nothing will beat cats.

Owning a cat is a relationship that can bring joyous and fun times. Yes, they are independent and may sometimes seem aloof and mischievous. But they are affectionate with their owners and the people whom they trust. 

Regardless of whether you live in a large or small house, cats are great pets to have. This feline companionship is low maintenance.

Cats are quiet compared to their canine rivals. Moreover, they are independent and they keep your house from pests. And they have a relatively long lifespan.

They can provide their fur parents with a number of health benefits like lower levels of stress and anxiety. And playing with them doesn’t require much space and effort. Sometimes, all you need is a ball of yarn and a bit of imagination.

Purr-fect Pets and Their Needs

Image is from Pexels.com

But even though these purr-fect pets are independent, having them is still a major commitment. As a fur parent, you need to be devoted to keeping them happy and healthy. What they need is a fresh litter box, consistent grooming, a scratch box, a well-balanced diet, and a safe environment among other things.

The good thing about all of these needs is that the solutions are easily accessible. One click and you will be led to different cat product sites that can provide you with whatever you need to keep your feline friend happy and healthy. 

There are tons of products that are available online for your purr-fect pet. One example is the calming bed from The Meowy. A calming bed is a perfect way to provide your cat with the most comfortable sleeping experience. It mimics the safest place for a cat – the cozy comfort of a mother’s fur coat. As a pet owner, the last thing that you would want is to have a fearful and anxious cat!

Aside from beds, you can also find products such as litter boxes, scratch posts, cat trees, a variety of cat toys, and cat food. There are healthcare products also such as vitamins and supplements. Add to that, travel products such as carriers and collars, as well as grooming products, such as clothing and accessories.

One click and you can get all of these for your purr-fect feline buddy!

Cat’s Out of the Bag!

But now you start wondering: “I can find all of this in just one click. But where do I click?”

You don’t really have to look everywhere. Do you have an account on Facebook? Or Twitter? How about Instagram? If you have, then one thing you’ll notice is the abundance of pets and pet products on social media.

Social media has taken the online world by storm. 

It started out as a platform for people to connect with one another wherever they may be in the world. You can be in New York and still communicate with another in Manila in real-time. Initially, you can send messages either through texts or chats, or hear them personally through an online call.

But over the years, social media has evolved. We’re not just talking about chats and calls anymore. We also now have wall posts, stories, tweets, and many more. Over the years, many features have been added and many social media applications have been developed. 

So what does this have to do with cats, you may ask?

Have you seen posts like this one?

Example post from The Meowy

Cat product sites that use social media promotions have been on the rise. Nowadays, never will there ever be a day when you would not encounter a social media post like the one posted above. Whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, or Youtube (among others) you would always see a post about cats.

You browse on your wall for a few seconds and you see an image of a cat bed with cute little kittens snuggling with one another. Inside your head, you reacted, “OMG! That is sooooo cute!” 

You browse for a few more and you see a video of a person working on a DIY cat bed for his little fur babies. “I want one!” you blurt out.

You switch to another social media and what welcomes you is a video promoting a heated cat bed with a cat resting on top of it obviously enjoying the experience. And you say “Man, these cats have been following me everywhere.”

That’s the Beauty of Social Media Purr-motion

Image is from Pexels.com

Users are always eager to post about their cute little fur babies and the things that they do for them. A lot of people own at least one pet. As for social media users, even one user has multiple accounts on multiple social media platforms. When it comes to the audience – there is a big abundance waiting to be captured.

But the connection between cats and social media platforms goes beyond the numbers. It would be difficult to imagine a world where you browse your social media and not see them.

Clearly, there is a defined market for cat product sites to engage. There is a huge and varied audience whether that’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tiktok, or Youtube.

Facebook is a staple for social media users and a high volume of traffic is very evident. You would see images and videos of cats and cat products whenever you view wall posts. Furthermore, these posts usually contain links for the product sites.

On Instagram, you would see cat product accounts designed as online shops. You would also see pet owners promoting the products they bought by posting an image or an IG story. And you would usually see the shop where they got the products tagged in the post.

Twitter is a great avenue for viral posts. These viral tweets reach a bigger audience. And they can lead them to the original cat product sites. Witty and out-of-the-box tweets will surely bring the market to where you want them.

On Pinterest, you would see pins that can inspire you. These ideas can help you make the life of your cat happier and healthier. Some of these pins include do-it-yourself cat beds and various designs for scratch posts. And they also have different styles of clothes for your feline friend!

Tiktok has been gaining a number of users and content creators for cats will not be left behind. You would see videos of cats and how they interact with the products that their parents have brought for them.

On Youtube, you would see videos of tutorials, reviews, and recommendations for cat products and product sites. The good thing about these videos is that they can be thorough with what they are presenting. They can even go for the nitty-gritty of a particular product. This can help the viewers be assured of the product that they might want to get for their pets.

Using social media promotions has the potential to drive huge traffic to your website. This will expose them to your products, eventually resulting in returns. Directly linking the social media promotions with your product sites will result in higher volumes of traffic. Talk about a call to action!

Using social media promotions will also drive sharing and exposure if you use multiple social media platforms. This will influence the audience for a better brand engagement.

To Cut the Long Fur-Story Short

Content creation is a trend nowadays in social media. People will usually go to a product site if they see that someone else, usually a fellow fur parent, is using and enjoying the products available from your website.

On the flip side, having images and videos of cute little cats or mischievous ones is a sure-fire hit for a social media promotion. Having an image of a cat with its big beady eyes alongside the cat bed that you are promoting is a sure-fire way of having the post liked and shared.

People like cute things. They like and share cute things. And definitely, cats are one of them.