Features of the Best Internet Marketing Services

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Does the phrase “social media marketing” send shivers down your spine? Is your email inbox collecting digital dust?

Internet marketing may not be your forte, but it’s not as daunting as you think. In fact, it’s pretty intuitive, even for beginners.

If you’re still on the fence, consider the stats. Half of all internet users rely on Google to discover products. Couple this with Google’s 1 billion users, and you have the beginnings of an internet marketing strategy.

Social media, email, and SEO are a sampling of what you can do. Learn how the best internet marketing services help companies drive traffic and sales.

Show Me the Results!

It’s not enough to just be an internet marketing agency. An agency needs to justify its rates with proven results.

There are a few ways to find this information.

Don’t hesitate to call an agency directly. Any reputable agency will gladly speak with you about past jobs. While they can’t divulge any sensitive information, they can share approximate conversion rates and growth.

Agencies also share this information on their websites. In fact, an internet marketing agency with a lackluster website is a big red flag. If they can’t build their own website properly, how can they deliver results with your site?

The same red flag applies to social media. The best internet marketing services have a robust social media presence.

Look for a portfolio on the agency’s website. This may be under a “clients” or “our work” tab. Many agencies proudly feature their current and past clients on their homepage too.

Review clients’ websites, social media, and other digital footprints. If you like the agency’s work, put them on your shortlist. When you’re done researching, compare and contrast your shortlist.

Another way to gauge results is to read reviews and testimonials. Testimonials are typically glowing, so agencies feature these prominently on their websites. If you want the tea, check out online reviews.

If an agency didn’t give a client their money’s worth, you’d read about it online. Reviews also provide valuable insight into an agency’s customer service, refund policy, and other resolution protocols.

Some agencies are really responsive to client reviews. This trait can be a good sign, as it shows the agency is listening.

The Best Internet Marketing Services Are Trustworthy

Speaking of proving results, an agency shouldn’t make bold claims, either.

Understandably, agencies want to land new accounts as quickly as possible. That includes stretching the truth during consultations.

Always refer to the work portfolio. The agency’s portfolio is the most accurate reflection of an agency’s expertise.

Obviously, more established agencies have more impressive results, while new agencies are still getting their feet wet. Try to use your best judgment when gauging expertise.

That first meeting is only one factor. The best internet marketing services maintain trust throughout the process.

For example, an excellent marketer will share real-time metrics, timetables, resource allocation, and conversion rates. They may present this information in a report or give you access to a live dashboard. Ask agencies how they share information with clients.

An internet marketing agency that doesn’t monitor analytics is an enormous red flag. How would you know if your campaign was successful?

Is The Price Right?

Transparent pricing also matters. Marketing agencies use a few different payment models.

There’s the quote model. Clients request price quotes for a complete marketing campaign, solution, or managed service. Agencies with this model don’t typically feature prices for individual services on their websites.

Next is the price-per-service model. Clients purchase individual services and buy more as needed. Agencies with this payment model do advertise prices on their websites.

The third option is the subscription model. This model is newer but surging in popularity.

Many subscription models are organized into tiers, starting with less expensive “basic” services and capping off with costlier “enterprise” plans. This model is the most cost-effective for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Automation? Yes, Please!

Yes, robots are taking over, but it’s a good thing.

AI-powered tools put the best internet marketing services above the rest. Top agencies leverage the industry’s best analytics tools for SEO, social media, PPC, and email marketing. They also identify market gaps to discover profitable opportunities.

Your agency must be confident with content management systems too.

This includes automating the following processes:

  • Scheduled blog posts
  • Replies and comments
  • Social media sharing
  • Email newsletters
  • Google sitemap submission
  • Image optimization
  • Post boosting and sponsored ads
  • Content curation

You also need an automated website. Some marketing agencies offer web design services. You could also shop around for an experienced web developer.

5-Star Client Service

Working with an agency isn’t like ordering takeout. You could forgive a bad attitude for the best slice of pizza in your life. As for internet marketing, client service plays a direct role in the quality of the product.

Marketing is a collaborative process. Agencies also need tools to succeed just as you want results.

Outline your expectations for the marketing campaign. Account managers use these expectations to set project goals. Managers also need your marketing budget.

You can hire a consultant to help develop your objectives. An accountant can help you manage your marketing budget, as well.

Internet marketing encompasses many methods, services, and tools. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed by all the information.

Free consultations are another hallmark of an excellent marketing agency. A confident specialist will discuss past results, their process, and how they can help your company.

Take full advantage of your free consultation. Write down a list of questions to bring to your meeting.

Bring Your Business Into the Digital Age

Getting up to speed is easier (and quicker) than you think. You just need the right agency that understands your market and goals.

Look for results, trustworthiness, transparent pricing, automation, and excellent client service.

Refer to this guide as you look for the best internet marketing services. Check back often for more invaluable business tips!