Launching An SEO Company In 2021: What You Need To Consider

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As the world has moved online over the past 12 months, thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s understandable that entrepreneurial individuals might want to establish online businesses.

Internet usage has soared during the pandemic, thanks mainly to the lockdowns that global leaders put in place to keep everyone safe.

With so many individuals working from home and with attractions closed and events cancelled, many people were left to their own devices with only the internet to keep them company.

Everything from entertainment to shopping moved online, and many companies have had to adapt accordingly.

Even as the world starts to reopen slowly, it’s clear that many individuals will want to continue to enjoy the convenience that online services have to offer.

While many companies are expanding their offering to include virtual support, intrepid individuals could be considering launching a search engine optimisation (SEO) agency.

SEO is vital for any business that wants to get noticed online. It allows websites to reach the top of target SERPs.

Without a robust, ongoing SEO strategy, a business is practically invisible online. Therefore, while consumers are spending more time online, so too are companies investing increasingly in online advertising and SEO.

If you’re thinking of establishing an SEO company in 2021, then here are a selection of the factors that you need to consider.

There’s More Than One Type Of SEO Business

Before you launch an SEO agency, you need to be aware that there are many different types of business in this sector.

After all, there are many different types of SEO out there, so there are equally as many agencies offering these various services.

So, you need to work out what type of business you want to launch so that you can use your SEO skills to their fullest.

For example, if your experience is primarily in writing optimised content, then you could establish a content creation agency.

Alternatively, if you want to offer a full service to your potential clients, then you’ll need to learn additional SEO skills or partner with experts who already have them.

So, when you’re starting an SEO agency, you need to create a plan with what services you will offer and how you will provide them.

Customers Expect Agency Owners To Share Their Knowledge

SEO isn’t a closely guarded secret. In this market, many agency owners and digital marketing experts become online influencers and share videos, blog posts, podcast episodes and guides on how to conduct SEO practices.

They do this because the content can be used to generate leads for their business, boost their own website’s SEO and show them to be experts.

As such, you should consider trying to build an online following and sharing your expertise. While it might seem counterproductive to share your knowledge with potential customers, it can actually help you to generate leads and funnel them through the sales process.

That’s because many SEO tactics are incredibly complicated and time-consuming. By showing your followers how much work it takes to optimise their website, they’ll realise that they need outsourced support from an expert, such as yourself.

Metrics Can’t Be Taken In Isolation Anymore

When starting an SEO agency, you’ll probably hear lots of companies bandy about the term ‘SEO metrics’.

Metrics are a way to measure search engine rankings and rankability numerically. Many different SEO tool providers, including Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush and more, offer their own metrics.

Each metric measures a different factor, such as the quality of a site’s backlink profile or its global traffic, so individually they will only give one perspective on a website and its SEO.

As such, you need to consider combining multiple metrics to get a complete overview of a website, whether it belongs to a potential client or is one that you’re planning to use for link building.

Many SEO experts, such as this link building agency, use a combination of metrics in their link building process. By combining multiple metrics, they’re able to get a complete overview of any given site’s quality.

Content Is Still King

In today’s modern world, with core web vitals about to become a Google ranking factor, it’s easy to think that technical SEO is the future of the market. 

While website functionality and technical features are important, content remains king in the SEO world.

With the best working website in the world, a business can still fall short of achieving its SEO goals because it does not get the traffic it needs and earn quality backlinks because of a lack of high-quality, relevant content.

The term ‘content’ doesn’t exclusively refer to written articles and blog posts. Video is one of the fastest-growing content sectors on the market currently, thanks to its convenience.

As such, when you’re establishing an SEO agency, you should be prepared to invest a lot of time, money and energy into content creation.

In Summary

Overall, launching a new SEO company is an exciting challenge at any time, but it’s particularly tough during such unusual circumstances.

As such, budding agency owners need to ensure that they aim to offer the services and support that their potential clients expect.

With this article, you should find inspiration and guidance to help you launch a successful SEO business in 2021.