Use These Plagiarism Checkers before Publishing the Article

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Nothing damages a journalist’s report, a writer’s reputation or a student’s record more than plagiarism in his work. People ask us how a person can check whether we are copy pasting a piece of information or not.

They also tell that everyone is concerned with only valuable material. Here, you cannot be shrewd enough to make a content manager and a professor fool.

That’s why. We are going to share with you plagiarism checker that is often used by everyone concerned to produce his own news, work, or assignments.

How a plagiarism checker works?

It is software that can check a document or portion of your content scanning through the internet for other similar uses of term, phrases, details or quotes.

4 Steps to comprehend the duplicate checker

What you simply need to do is follow these 4 steps to comprehend the use of this checker:

Simply visit

Copy paste your content in the input box to check plagiarism

Click check plagiarism

A captcha check will be opened to verify after clicking Check Plagiarism

Selecting given images as here it is asked to select parking meters

Once verified again click Check Plagiarism


We have shared 2 examples with you via screenshots as plagiarism checker testimonial:

  • One is original content
  • The other is copy paste material

It is to tell how authentic it is actually is!

a Example 1 Having Original Content

As you can see, we have copy paste our introductory paragraph of this article in the plagiarism checker input box .After passing through all the details as I have shared in how it works?

It has given result in percentage that is 100 % unique! If one asks how many words can be copy paste in the input box here, the answer will be 1000 words.

Moreover, 0 words are found plagiarized in copy pasting our original content. One more plus point of using it is you will get final report in seconds like us.

b. Example 2 Having Plagiarized Content

To expand your technical writing exposure, we have copy paste someone else data in its input box and once again after fulfilling all the required details, it has given results in percentage and sources.

As it was copied proof freeware, so it showed results as 0% unique and 100% plagiarized. It has added sources as well with its percentage. Sources mean from which site is actually taken.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Plagiarism Checker

1. Is it really free?

Yes, you can avail this opportunity of using free plagiarism checker tool at the moment and receive results in the blink of an eye.

2. What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is stealing someone else work and claim to it to be yours that is against our ethics.

3. What percentage of plagiarism is acceptable?

About 15% to 25% of plagiarism is acceptable traditionally.

4. How do we avoid plagiarism?

There are a few points that will help you avoid plagiarism:

  • Keep in your mind to name sources you consult in your content
  • Add your own language words like you speak casually
  • Always give reference of the author and his research when you copy paste
  • Use a plagiarism checker before you submit your assigned task

5. What is the benefit of using plagiarism checker developed by

When it comes to benefits using tools developed by, especially Plagiarism Checker because of the concerned points below:

a) Assures 100% accurate result

It assures 100% accurate result.

b) Offers 5000 Words for free to Check Plagiarized Work

It offers 5000 words to check plagiarized work.

c) Get Result in No Time

You get result in time.

d) Thorough Search Technology

It scans facsimile via thorough search technology.

e) Final Result in Percentage

Unlike other plagiarism app, it presents final result in percentage.

f) Plagiarized Search Sources with Percentage

It also searches sources data with percentage.

  • Offered Free

Offers Free up to 5000 words.

h) Maintains SEO

Via using Free Plagiarism checker you can maintain your Search Engine Optimization and be number 1.

That is why, free plagiarism Checker is the best.

6. Is using Free Plagiarism Checker safe?

It is safe. There is no harm in checking your confidential data or unique assignments, copied content online by free plagiarized checker.

7. Can teachers check their student’s papers online via Plagiarism Checker?

Yes, definitely. Free Plagiarism checker is an effective and accurate tool to check whether yur students have copy paste answer during online exam or not.   If as a student you have put your efforts and written all content on your own, you will not need to bother. Cheers!

8. If I use synonyms, antonyms, noun as verb or verb as adjective, will I mention source while copying a reputed author’s work?

Yes, it is good to name the source because it adds value in your statement.

9. Do plagiarism checker detect paraphrasing?

Yes, check-plagiarism detects paraphrased plagiarism as well.

10. Do free plagiarism checker sale my content further?

No, it only detects your copied content with percentage as you have already seen in screenshots.