Why is a sticky menu an ideal choice for long-scroll websites?

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Why is a sticky menu an ideal choice for long-scroll websites?

With the passage of time, designers look for new formulas to surprise the audience. One of them is the web scroll. You may not remember what the word scroll means. If you’re of a certain age, you might remember the old 8-bit and 16-bit video games. Do those backgrounds that moved while the main character moved forward come to mind?

Today this suits web design, albeit in a different sense.

What does Scroll mean?

Scroll is the term used to talk about content that moves in two dimensions. That is, in 2D. Therefore, when we browse the internet, as we move the mouse cursor, we are scrolling, an act that is perfectly visible on the screen. In other words, sliding your finger on a touch monitor so that the contents advance, go up, down or scroll, already indicates that you are scrolling.

And in web design, what does scrolling mean?

Scroll web design also called parallax scrolling refers to one of the great trends in web design used in recent times. When the use of internet websites began a few decades ago, scrolling was little used by designers, so any type of content that was not found with the naked eye had a low probability of being seen by users.

Today, the options are multiple. Therefore, after having made an approach to your site or web page, it is time to select the type of design you want for it. As mentioned above, one of the great trends of recent times consists of the Scroll or Parallax Scrolling.

With it you can achieve an effect of movement and depth within your website.  This effect is achieved through a technique that combines movement at different speeds of different layers of content, such as text and images. In this sense, you can visualize this effect better when scrolling within your website. It is usually done vertically, however, you can also do it horizontally.

What is a sticky menu

A sticky menu is one that when you scroll vertically on a website stays fixed at the top and allows you to always keep it visible without disappearing from the screen as if it were pasted.

How can this type improve a long-scroll website?

The main utility is to allow the user to navigate between the contents without having to go up to the top of the screen each time. This is very practical whatever the web since you offer an always visible site map to navigate.

If you also include the header or the search engine, it becomes more important. If you are offering services and in the header, you show the telephone number or some other relevant information, the user does not have to search for it on the web and may need it at any time.

If you have a WordPress blog and add a search engine, you are making it easy for them to continue searching for content on your website. You can choose any WordPress plugins that fit the sticky menu concept. One of them is WP Sticky!

This is a built-in widget builder plugin that not only works on the sidebar, but also on any element. Even with this tool you can create combinations of multiple embedded elements, each of which can be configured individually. This means that each individual configuration will not mess up the combinations created.

What do you get?

You will get basic options such as Basic sticky elements, Visual sticky elements, as well as advanced sticky elements. Don’t worry about hassle because you can understand the options in no time.

Here are a few reasons why you should work with WP Sticky:

– Pasting elements can be done in less than 1 minute.

– This plugin is compatible with all other themes and plugins.

– You don’t need to edit the code to make adjustments.

– Backend can be adjusted directly.

– Lifetime updates and support.

– Customer support around the clock.

There are still other advantages but the points mentioned above are enough to convince you.

So even though your visitors scroll down to view information on an ongoing basis, they don’t need to scroll-up again to see the main information or navigate the site. Hopefully this article has brought you an understanding of how combining a long-scroll website and a sticky menu can enhance the surfing experience.