Top 10 SEO Tools For Small Businesses that you can use Right Now

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Top 10 SEO Tools For Small Businesses that you can use Right Now

Do you want to find the best SEO software or SEO tools in the industry?

If we didn’t have awesome tools for digital marketing, we wouldn’t be able to do anything for our clients!

So using the right online tools would take 100x longer than if we didn’t.

You have come to the right place if you are looking to buy SEO tools.

This is especially true with regard to SEO.

SEO is important for online marketers, bloggers, and small business owners.

Some might even call it critical.

A make or break type of thing.

The post that follows is about that.

In this post, we’ll look at 10 SEO tools that can help with keyword research, competitor research, ranking tracking, or link building.

The Best SEO Tip For 2021

Here’s a hot tip for search engine optimization this year – a purely white hat link building tactic that is both affordable and provides a higher ROI than any other form of link building including guest blogger outreach.

There isn’t a single link-building tool or service out there that is going to help you greatly with your new link-building campaign.

Podcast guesting, or being a guest on established podcast shows, is one of the SEO industry’s best-kept secrets.

You can get multiple links from your host’s site for a cheaper fee than other link-building sites. Since the show is about you, there is a great deal of publicity you receive from the show’s social media channels and newsletters.

Which are the Best SEO Tools for 2021?

There are many SEO tools out there, but these 10 are worth trying first.


There are thousands of SEO tools out there but thousands of online marketers, small business owners, and SEOs prefer Ahrefs to help them improve their search rankings.

Their backlink analysis tool is the best among backlink analysis tools.

They have also developed the Content Explorer, which searches the web for the most popular content on any topic or keyword.

If you ask me, it’s just as good as Buzzsumo.

Ahrefs also has a Keyword Explorer 2.0 tool.

It displays key statistics regarding a keyword’s search volume (global or country-specific), SERP overview and position history, related keywords, and difficulty level.

Prices start at $99 per month with annual options. You may also open a free account with some limitations.

There are also free trials for all plans.


The Serpstat all-in-one digital growth hacking tool helps you optimize your SEO, PPC, and content marketing campaigns.

Here are the key features of this SEO tool:

  1. select keywords for search engine optimization and pay per click campaigns
  2. Identify the value of keywords
  3. Find keyword variations and search suggestions to expand your semantic core
  4. keywords with long tails
  5. Discover international data
  6. Check the relevance of your webpages
  7. Analyze keyword trends
  8. Find out where a given keyword appears in search results.rd
  9. Prices start at $19 per month through $299 per month on Serpstat mo.

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking is known for its reliability on the market (since 2002), and its accuracy, and the large volume of keywords it can accommodate. This makes it ideal for agencies and in-house SEOs, but for small businesses and freelancers as well.

Advanced Web Ranking lets you:

– monitors local results at a country and city level on desktop and mobile devices.

Google, Baidu, Yandex, Amazon, Youtube, etc. – retrieve rankings of particular search engines.

The reports can be white-labeled with your logo and can even be hosted on your website.

– find new competitors (market share, estimated visits, find new websites, and more)

– Integrate your data into 3rd party applications by using the developer API

Prices start at about $49 per month and 10% off applies to yearly subscriptions.


It tells you how well or poorly your website’s SEO is performing.

There are four main tools/features:

  1. Test your website’s SEO and get tips for better search engine optimization.
  2. Keyword Check – shows how well your site is optimized for your target keyword(s).
  3. SEO Compare -lets you see how two pages compare.
  4. Ranking Check – tracks your page’s position in search results by keyword.
  5. A free project allows for 1 million crawls, up to 10 keyword analyses, and 3 competitor comparisons. Users may however only use the platform on a single domain.

Starting at $40 per month with a free 30-day trial, the premium plans are for a 12-month subscription.

Extended functionality allows a complete SEO analysis, including backlinks, more projects, and a lot more keywords.

Take a look at the great features of the SEO Basic plan and sign up for it free.


Morningscore is a new all-in-one SEO tool with tons of features but also features that you won’t find in any other SEO tool. The platform uses gamification in conjunction with intelligent SEO suggestions in order for you/your clients to prioritize the most important tasks for your/your clients’ SEO. Done this way, you will experience a whole new workflow that combined with a user-friendly interface will save you tons of time.

In addition, the platform is also known for its fast releases. Every month, either new tools or improvements to existing ones are released, which is why it is growing so fast. Currently, they are working on v2.5 Keyword Boos (keyword research tool) and v2.6 Galactic Report (customizable white-label PDF reports).

Having a platform that connects SEO and business is great for agencies and digital companies. Of course, it’s not a great platform for everyone, but those who use it have very positive experiences.

Some of their main features:

  1. SEO for business – quick and easy assessment of a client or businessent
  2. Full Backlink Profile – their partnership with Ahrefs brings the best backlink data to you
  3. Backlink Checker – enter the URL of a new backlink and get it crawled – great for client reporting
  4. SEO Audit – which provides you with only the most important metrics without “extra bloat”
  5. SEO Missions – The “Trello of SEO” where you manage all your campaigns straight from the platform

 Long Tail Pro

A change in ownership recently occurred at Long Tail Pro.

What does that mean? The new ownership team is hungry for success. They saw potential in Long Tail Pro and are determined to make the product even bigger.

The LTP application has moved from being a downloaded application to being cloud-based (meaning you can now use it in your browser).

This will only make LTP 10x faster and 10x better. Before going cloud, LTP was already one of the most popular keyword research tools in the SEO field.

SEM Rush

Over the past couple of years, SEM Rush really took competitor research to a whole new level.

One of the best features of SEM Rush is that there are more than 20 ways to research your competition. Robbie Richards calls them stealth tactics.

Their best backlinks, their best keywords, their best content, and so on. It’s also great for paid traffic and PPC.


Mangools is known for providing the best value for money when it comes to SEO packages. They redesigned how SEO tools should look and made them easy to use with a great design. They aren’t complicated and don’t have tons of features you won’t ever use.

KWFinder, a tool that has become popular due to its very accurate keyword difficulty metric, recently added competitor analysis.

You can do rank tracking, analyze SERPs and get in-depth SEO insights on your competitors with Mangools tools.

 In addition, they offer a browser extension that essentially pulls in the most important data from all their tools so that you can do a lot while browsing the internet.


Pitchbox isn’t exactly an SEO tool. But link building involves a lot of outreach. A lot.

The email sequence feature makes setting up follow-up email 10x easier than it would be manually.

They even have SEO features like link monitoring.

Their plans allow multiple users, so you can use them with a team.

Plans start at $195 per month, with a 15-day free trial to get you started.


SEOquake is a free browser extension that works like the MozBar, except that it displays much more data.

A few of the metrics it displays include:

The number of external links.

Google indexes.

The SEM Rush rank.

Alexa ranking.

The age of the web archive (domain age).

And more.

The SEOquake toolbar can be very helpful for finding competitor research or link-building opportunities.

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