The Importance of Buying Real Followers for Social Media

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If you own a social media account, then you will probably know that buying followers is a great way to ‘seed’ your account to provide it with rapid growth. After all, followers lead to your content trending and this, in turn, can lead to even more followers. Many of the top social media accounts around may have purchased followers at some point.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should just go out there and buy the first followers that you see. Instead, you need to buy real followers. Let us explain why.

Avoid your account from being banned

If you buy fake followers (i.e. ones generated through bots and other fake accounts), then your social media account will eventually be banned or, at the very least, you will lose all of the followers that you gained.

Since the whole idea of buying followers is to bulk up your social media account, we can’t imagine that you are going to want to be losing all of that work that you have put into it, right?

Even if you don’t get banned, the sudden loss of hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of followers can leave your account in a position that is tough to recover from. Remember, your real followers will notice if you have suddenly lost tons of followers and they will judge you for it.

Gain followers that will interact with your content

If you buy followers from real accounts, then you will have real people that are looking to interact with your content.

When somebody is interacting with your content, their friends and followers will be able to see it. This can lead to more people paying attention to what you are posting.

If you get followers from fake accounts, then you won’t have any of this. The followers that these fake accounts have will also be fake. Essentially, you get no real benefit from these people following you.


Of course, if you are going to buy followers for your account, then make sure that you do your due diligence when trying to track down a company to work with.

If a company doesn’t explicitly say that they are going to be providing you with real followers, then they probably aren’t. This means that there is no sense working with them. Well, no sense if you have plans on actually building up your social media account over time.