Four Cost-efficient Ways You Can Upgrade Your Company Network

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Running a business in today’s global system is through incorporating information technology into the company’s day-to-day activities. The outbreak of the covid-19 global pandemic increased the need for every business to have functioning and efficient internet services. 

Depending on the company’s size in terms of staff strength, mode of operation, and administration, there will be a need to have a solid network to pull through the different tasks. To send a file, video, audio contents, or host online meetings, you need to have a reliable network to power this operation. 

Without a strong network in place, the business operation for that day may end up being a disaster. The best way to go about the whole issue is to upgrade the company’s network. 

Let’s talk about how you can upgrade your company network for optimal performance.

1. Ascertain the cause of network challenges

Many factors could be responsible for network performance failure. The first step is to bring in an expert in ICT to understudy the cause of the fault. You don’t need a fire brigade approach or solution based on your assumption. 

The cause of network failure could be as a result of hardware issues or software failure. All these need technical advice from an expert. 

The consequence of using your intuition is that sometimes the problem may not be what you expected. To avoid a situation where you will have expended a considerable amount of money searching in a completely different direction, only to realize that the solution isn’t that complicated, you should call in the experts. 

When you bring in an expert, they will be able to carry out their analysis, and then they can tell you the A – Z of your network fault.

2. Offer your guest a different network platform

One significant cause of your slow network could be your guest. Instead of having your guest and staff on a single web, you can create an alternative like software-defined WAN services for example. You can create a network separately for your team and a separate platform for your guest. By decentralizing your network platform, the workload will be portioned, making room for an improved network for the staff to carry out their activities efficiently.

You must also ensure that your employees are mindful of the file size before sending, instead of sending ineffective content that consumes a lot of data. They can be educated on maximizing editing the files on a cloud before sending them to the recipients. It costs nothing to get your team on board with maximizing your company network effectively.

3. Take time to educate your staff about user behavior

Every standard organization usually marks out time for their employees to go for a break or lunchtime. However, the timing varies depending on the organization’s policy or staff department. Some employees always make use of this time to stream a new movie on Netflix or Disney+. It could be the primary reason why your company network is running slow. 

The best way to solve this is through staff education. Let them understand how their activities are impacting your company’s network negatively. When the network’s pressure is reduced significantly, this will lighten the load and upgrade your network without extra costs.

4. Update software and firmware 

Running old software and firmware on an old machine can be counterproductive. You should ensure everything is aligned together and always up-to-date. For efficient running of your upgraded software, double-check that this has been done successfully and there are no bugs left on your system.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Company Network

Saves time

When your network performs at optimal capacity, it helps your staff execute their duties right on time. 

Improve company output 

Some businesses need a network to produce optimal results. Those operating in the financial sector need a network to carry out their daily transactions. Once your network is good, your level of output also improves.

Upgrading your networks adds a lot of benefits to you and your business. It helps to redeem the time that your business would lose to production timeout. 

As the business grows in size and capacity, there is a need to constantly put in place structures that can help keep up with the workload level the network is expected to carry out.

At the same time, upgrading your network is not a one-off thing. It requires consistency and a high level of maintenance to ensure the network works efficiently at all times.