5 Tips to Convert More B2B Leads on Your Website

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5 Tips to Convert More B2B Leads on Your Website

Getting traffic to your B2B website is a great accomplishment. However, it can be really frustrating if that high traffic is not paying off in the form of conversions.

At first, it can feel overwhelming to try and figure out why customers aren’t taking the action you want them too. You start to wonder: Is it your pricing? Your content? Your form?

The great news is, there is a variety of checklist items you can work through to figure out what’s causing a low number of conversions. While this may take quite a bit of work on the front end, it will likely pay off ten-fold in your conversion rate.

First, let’s quickly look at some average conversion rates you should be aiming for with your B2B website, so you know where you currently stand:

What is a Good B2B Website Conversion Rate?

B2B conversion rates normally hover between 1-7.5% depending on industry. Industries like SaaS and computer product manufacturing sit on the lower end of the spectrum at around 1.1%, while industries like legal services and staffing hover around the 7% mark.

You can check out the stats for more industries here.

Now that you know your benchmark, let’s look at how you can achieve it:

Dig into Your Analytics

The first step into understanding why your customers aren’t converting is to understand what they are doing on your website. This is where analytics tools like Google Analytics or Lucky Orange can help.

Analytics platforms can tell you a wide variety of useful information that you can use to make inferences about your audience. For example, they can show you what pages of your website a visitor went to, how long they stayed on each page, and which page they left your site on. It can tell you what links they clicked, what videos they watched, and whether or not they started to take action before leaving your site.

These insights are extremely useful to website owners when they’re looking for tweaks to make. For example, if you’re seeing that a lot of visitors are dropping off on one particular page, perhaps you need to revisit your content there to see if anything is amiss. Or, if users are starting to fill out your form and then leaving, perhaps it’s too long.

Once you have a list of potential changes to make, make them one at a time to see if it helps to make a difference in your conversion rate.

Establish Trust

Establishing trust with your website visitors has proven to have a huge impact on conversion rates:

  • 97% of consumers look at reviews before purchasing
  • Testimonials can increase conversion rates on sales pages by 34%
  • A single good review can increase conversions by a whopping 10%
  • Having at least 5 reviews causes purchase likelihood to increase by a factor of nearly 4X

These statistics show the true power of adding social proof (testimonials, reviews and case studies) to your website. Visitors want to be reassured that your company can deliver on the promises your website is making, and this type of content helps to solidify it.

Optimize Your Page Speed

Sometimes, the tweaks that make the biggest difference in conversion rates are also some of the most simple! Website and webpage load speeds can have a huge impact on your conversion rates. In fact, a recent study showed that even a one-second delay in page load time will drop your conversion rate by a whopping 7%.

The good news is page speed fixes are usually very simple. If you’re noticing that one of your pages is loading a bit slow, try doing the following:

  • Reduce the images sizes on the page
  • Reduce the amount of redirects you might have on the page and fix any broken links
  • Use a CDN (content delivery network)
  • Clean out your database

Add a Chat Feature

Did you know that live chat can increase online leads by an average of 40%? This surprising statistic has led more than half of today’s B2B cold calling companies to implement a live chat function specifically for generating sales.

Being able to interface with customers while they are actively looking at your site is a game-changer. It ensures that salespeople can reach a visitor when they’re most interested, which in-turn helps increase conversion rates.

Add Video

If you don’t yet use video on your site, now is a great time to start as doing so on landing pages can significantly increase conversion rates. Videos are easy to consume, and they help customers to get a more personal feel for your business. Try adding a few to your webpages and see the difference it makes.

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John Dubay is the Managing Partner at Leads at Scale, an outsourced sales support company that helps B2B companies generate well-qualified leads at scale, ready to be closed.