Optimal Image Sizes to Share on Social Media

Ever post an image or link on a social media channel and wanted to instantly take it back due to the image looking too big, small or off centered? Keep this this inforgraphic for optimal images sizes to share on social media handy and never disappoint your followers again!


Optimal Image Sizes

 Key Takeaways

It’s known that 70% of marketers plan to increase the use of original visual assets in 2015. The Brain Processes Visual Information 60,000 times faster than the time it takes for the Brain to decode text.

Tweets with Images receive: 80% more favorites, 18% more clicks, 150% more retweets and adding a photo url to your tweet can boost retweets by 35%. Facebook branded page photos account for 87% of total interactions while links only account for 4%, albums 4%, videos 3% and statuses 2%. Usual visual content in Facebook campaigns generates 65% more engagement after one month.

Optimal Image Sizes by platform

Twitter in stream photos:

  • Optimal size 1024×512 pixels
  • Acceptable Size 440×220 pixels

Twitter File Size and Type

  • 5MB for Photos
  • 3MB For Animated Gifs

Tip: GIF not playing? If your gif doesn’t loop and plays a single time, It will display as a static image

Facebook Guidelines for shared images – File Size/Type/Size

  • Must not exceed 15MB
  • Optimal Size: 1200×630 Pixels

Tip: PNG Files larger than 1 MB may appear Pixelated.

Google+ File Size and Type for Shared Images:

  • Must not exceed 36 MB
  • Optimal Size 2048×2048 Pixels
  • Acceptable Size: 720×720 Pixels

Google+ Guidelines for Shared Links

  • File Size and Type: Must not exceed 36 MB
  • Optimal Size: 1200×630

Tip: You can easily share sets of photos via posts or links with the Google+ Photos App.

Tumblr Guidelines for Shared Images

  • Optimal Size: 1280×1920 Pixels
  • Acceptable Size 540×540 Pixels
  • For High-Resolution Images (except for Super wide Panoramas)

Tumblr File Size and Type:

  • Images must not exceed 100MB
  • JPEG and PNG
  • Animated GIFS must have a maximum width of 500 puxels and not exceed 1MB

Tip: Images Wider than 300 pixels will automatically scale to fit the dashboard.

Instagram Guidelines for Images in Feed

  • Optimal Size: 640×640 Pixels
  • Acceptable Size: 612×612 Pixels
  • File Type: JPEG, PNG, GIF

Tip: Instagram allows higher resolution photos if they are taken from the App. If you uploaded a photo taken from another device the resolution will be lower.

Pinterest Guidelines for Pins:

  • Optimal Size: 726 Pixels wide (height is Scaled for you)
  • Acceptable Size: 236 pixels wide (height is scaled for you)

Pinterest File Size and Type:

  • Images must not exceed 10MB

Tip: Want to pin a video? You need to upload it to Youtube, TRD, Dailymotion or Vimeo first

LinkedIn Guidelines for Shared Images

  • Optimal Size: 531×399 Pixels
  • Acceptable Size: 400×400 Pixels

Linkedin Guidelines for Shared Links:

  • Optimal Size: 180×110 Pixels
  • Acceptable Size: 165×101 Pixels

Tip: In order to prevent spam in the linkedin feed, you cannot repeatedly post the same shared content.