Adam Ragusea: An Analysis of Achieving YouTube Fame

To fans of watching food videos on YouTube, the name Adam Ragusea is pretty common. You may already be familiar with how this college professor rose to fame as a YouTuber that produces videos as a home cook. He was so rapidly successful, it warrants an analysis of his journey. 

A Spike in the Number of Viewers

The first few videos on Adam’s channel did not have many views. However, after one video went viral, he quickly became a meme on social media. This spike in viewer count can also be achieved by Jaynike. The viral videos caused a sudden increase in Adam’s viewer count,  and thus his fan base. Growth on social media is often exponential, exactly as it was for Adam.

Background Information
Before Adam Ragusea became a YouTuber, he was a professor. In fact, there was a period of time in his life where the two professions overlap. However, his career began years ago as a journalist and before that, he worked as a radio host as well as a podcaster. These may seem like unrelated professions that have nothing to do with becoming a social media celebrity. However, it can clearly be seen that each of those jobs gave Adam some of the skills that enabled him to achieve success on YouTube. For example, the skills he acquired as a journalist are those skills that he probably uses when he writes the scripts for his videos.

YouTube Content

Adam often refers to himself as a home-cook, as opposed to a chef. He is very honest in his videos, often making minor mistakes on camera such as spilling, having a recipe fail, etc. Viewers appreciate this honesty and thus keep coming back for more content. Also, fans of Adam Ragusea’s YouTube channel can find that he posts almost always on a regular schedule, and if there is an occasion (such as holidays and other events), the videos will inevitably be based on that theme.

Additionally, there are two main types of videos Adam posts on YouTube. He alternates between cooking recipes and videos with field trips or a more scientific tone to them. Occasionally he posts other content such as his “Ask Adam” Series, as well as a few music-related videos. This gives the audience a change of pace every week and helps him avoid boring content. Most of Adam’s videos start with the first sentence carefully crafted to engage the viewer. He is also a master at luring people in with witty captions and interesting video thumbnails. These are all reasons Adam is successful in creating a loyal fan base, as well as attracting new viewers.

Sponsors On Adam Ragusea’s Channel

Having achieved internet fame is not enough to feed a family. No doubt, for Adam to quit his day job and have enough money to specially renovate his kitchen with content creation in mind; he must be earning a substantial income through YouTube. Most of Adam’s earnings are through sponsored ads that he thanks during his videos. Most users would agree that he is extremely skilled at creating a segue from the main topic of the video into the promotional content for his sponsors. It is worth noting that most of the ads don’t seem to be scripted by the sponsors, but rather honestly written by him, giving them a personal tone. 

Now you know exactly how Adam Ragusea came to be an internet meme and a YouTuber. Following in his footsteps requires a close examination of the way honed his skills over years in other careers and then utilized them to his best ability for content creation on YouTube.