5 Recommended Tools While Planning a SEO Strategy

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5 Recommended Tools While Planning a SEO Strategy

SEO is the process of improving the quality of a website to get more organic traffic from multiple search engines.

Making a strong SEO strategy involves the procedure of organizing a website’s content to help search engines quickly understand the visitor’s intent when searching.

A strong SEO strategy involves planning and implementing multiple steps to quickly improve the website’s ranking in search engines.

Types of Search Engine Optimization “SEO”

Most of the SEO strategist focuses on the mentioned below types of SEO to make a strong strategy:

On-Page SEO

This type of SEO mainly focuses on optimizing the on-page content of a website.

This helps to boost the website’s ranking in search engines by targeting specific keywords.

Off-Page SEO

This type of SEO especially focuses on the links that a website obtained from somewhere on the internet.

These numbers of links play a major role in building trust in the eyes of different search engines.

This further causes a website to rank high in multiple search engines within no time.

Technical SEO

This SEO mainly focuses on a website’s architecture and helps to examine the backend procedure of a website to check the technical set up of a webpage.

Every search engine cares much about the technical SEO of a website and considers it as an important ranking factor in SERPs.

Further, in this article, we’re going to talk about some of the most popular tools that can help SEO experts to make a strong SEO strategy.

5 Recommended Tools While planning a SEO Strategy

1. Ahrefs

It is one of the most popular SEO analysis tools specially designed to make a strong SEO strategy.

Ahrefs is widely used to do detailed keyword research to create new content.

It automatically crawls the website data and stores a huge amount of data to make it easily accessible for every user.

Ahrefs is also used to do an in-depth competitor analysis to make a strong SEO strategy.

How to use this online Tool?

Simply paste the link into the search bar and analyze the website to check its ranking factors.

  • Site Audit: This feature helps to find all technical SEO issues of a website.

It crawls every URL and highlights the links having issues. It further displays the health score of the competitor’s website.

  • Rank Tracker: To quickly get the most important keywords related to a website, several SEO strategists use this online tool.

It displays the keyword’s visibility and its average position in the search engine.

  • Domain Comparison: This feature helps to compare multiple domains to make a new SEO strategy.

It further tells the important domain metrics including its domain rating and the number of crawled pages.

  • Backlink Profile: It quickly shows the website’s detailed backlink profile.

This feature calculates the actual amount of links that a site has obtained from different platforms.

  • Content Explorer: This feature of this online tool helps every SEO strategist to deeply analyze unlimited keywords in Google, YouTube, Amazon, and more.

2. Prepostseo DA PA Checker

Several SEO strategists analyze the site’s MOZ metrics before making any strategy.

These MOZ metrics include the IP Addresses, domain, and page authority of a website and its indexed pages in the search engine.

To check these metrics, many SEO strategists use a domain authority checker to quickly analyze the important ranking factors of a website.

The DA checker calculates the domain score of a site to measure the rank of a site in SERPs.

How to use this checker?

To use this amazing online tool, simply paste the links in bulk quantity into the checker and press the “Check Authority” button.

  • Bulk URLs: This incredible online checker provides an option to check domain authority of up to 500 Websites just within a single click.
  • MOZ Metrics: After analyzing each URL, it quickly tells the DA, PA, IP Addresses, Spam Score, number of indexed web pages of a site in the search engine.
  • Exclude URL and Same Domain: To prevent any repetition, it gives an amazing option of excluding the same domain and URL.
  • Raw Data: By using this feature, there is no need to paste URLs on every single line.

Simply, paste the links in raw data form and the checker will automatically check every link to check the domain authority of a site.

  • Download File: It also provides an option to save the file in Excel format directly into the system.
  • Increase DA: This free checker also provides an amazing option to quickly increase the domain authority of the given website.
  • Secure and Free: The tool is completely free and 100% secure for all SEO purposes and it plays a great role in developing a strong SEO strategy.

3. Ubersuggest

This interesting online tool allows SEO experts to check strategies that are useful for others in the market.

The tool is used by several webmasters to find unlimited new keyword ideas for their websites.

SEO strategist used this tool to quickly get the long-tail keywords related to a specific keyword just within a single click.

It also tells the other important ranking factors of a website including the backlinks and top-ranked pages of a website.

How to use this Tool?

To use this online tool, simply place the keyword or domain name into the input box and press the “Search” button.

  • Keyword Analyzer: This feature generates unique keyword ideas and multiple content creation ideas to rank a website.
  • Paid Keywords: It also tells the paid keywords of a website to make an initial budget for a website.
  • Total Traffic: After deeply analyzing the given website, it quickly calculates the estimated monthly organic traffic of a website.
  • – Backlinks: This interesting tool also highlights the number of links that a competitor’s website obtained from multiple high authority sources.
  • Top SEO Pages: It also tells the top-ranked pages of a website and also tells the most visited pages of the given website.

4. SEMrsuh

It is one of the most popular all-in-ones online tools helps specially designed to improve website visibility and checking its major insights.

SEMrush helps SEO strategists to make a successful SEO strategy with the help of its amazing features.

It allows SEO experts to do detailed keyword research and an in-depth competitor’s analysis.

How to use SEMrush?

Just paste the link or keyword into the input box of the tool and click the “Start Now” button.

The further analyze the given keyword or domain and uses its latest technologies to generate an accurate analysis report.

  • Domain Analysis: After analyzing the domain it shows the rank position of a keyword and its volume.

It also calculates its estimated monthly traffic and an actual number of backlinks.

  • PPC: Along with the domain analysis, it also provides a lot of PPC data to improve digital marketing strategies.
  • Traffic Analysis: This online SEO tool also calculates the organic monthly traffic of the given website just within a single click.
  • Secure to use: The tool is completely secure and widely used for SEO and digital marketing purposes.

5. Google Trends

This online SEO tool is used by SEO experts to instantly research and discover exact information about a specific event with its keyword search volume.

It helps to provide the specified keyword related data including its important ranking factors.

These factors include the search volume index and geographical data about multiple search engine users.

How to use this online Tool?

All you need to do is simply paste the desired keyword or topic into the search bar of this incredible tool.

After analyzing the keyword, it provides you with the all valuable and free data related to the given topic.

It further tells that how many times in a day a user searches for that specific keyword.

  • – Rank Tracking: This online tool automatically tracks the organic rank that a user is trying to target for a URL.

It also provides the history reports for several search engines with accurate results.

  • Keyword Research: This online SEO tool provides new and unique keyword suggestions. 

It also finds out the best suitable long-tail keywords ideas to create better content.

  • SEO Audit: It immediately crawls all pages of the given website and shows all technical issues that may affect the SEO of a website.
  • Topics for Blog: The tool instantly checks all related search queries and provide new topic ideas for blog posts.

It also gives suggestions for new YouTube video content within no time.

  • Local Search Trends: If a user is running a local business, then this feature of this online tool helps to check the trend of specific keywords in different states and sub-regions.

Final Words

To make a strong and winning SEO strategy, several SEO experts are using one of the mentioned above online tools.

These tools use their excellent features to deeply analyze the competitor’s website to improve their site’s ranking.

They also help to make a list of long-tail keywords to create unique and plagiarism-free content.

Many SEO experts also use these online tools to check the domain authority and backlinks analysis of multiple sites just within a single click.