How to get started with 3D Advertising – A Comprehensive Guide

3D advertisements offer unmatched visuals, which can make products appear more attractive. They grant potential customers accurate and realistic representation of products, triggering more responsive reactions from the audience. 3D advertising also boosts and improves online presence, is highly cost-effective, and can easily increase customer engagement. If you want to want to explore 3D advertising, read through our article for a comprehensive guide on how to get started. 

Understand 3D Advertising

3D advertising can virtually show off a product much better than videos and pictures can. It lets the audience freely interact with the product and closely inspect its specs and details. 3D advertising grants the audience a 360-degree view of the product and allows the audience to rotate, zoom in, and zoom out. This will encourage more people to buy your product. And, 3D advertising can improve your brand awareness and drive more people towards your brand, increasing your credibility and engagement levels. 

Determine the Goals of Your Campaign

Before you lay out a plan, you need to figure out what you want to achieve with your 3D ad campaign. Determine which products you would like to include in the campaign and how you can apply this advertisement method to them. If you are promoting an event, a service, or perhaps a game, what aspects of it would you like to advertise in 3D? You should choose to apply this type of advertisement to the most appealing and interactive aspects of what you are advertising, such as the most tactile features of the product. Make sure that what you show is worth displaying in 3D. Some products will not necessarily benefit from this type of advertisement.  3D advertising is all about creativity and interactivity, so it’s important to show that in your campaign. 

Build Your 3D Model

You must first build a 3D model of what you plan to advertise so that you can incorporate it into your ad. You should invest in a 3D modeling laptop to help make this process easier. To develop your 3D model, you may need to work with a developer or a developing company. Keep in mind that your 3D model can look different once it is uploaded to the display ad, so it’s important to test it out before launching the campaign. 

You should also make sure to include interactive aspects in your immersive display ad. The ad should be responsive to scrolling so that it allows the audience to inspect different angles, and users should also be allowed to zoom in and out so that they can closely observe specs and details. Make sure that your ad applies to full-screen mode because that will make it easier for the audience to interact with the object. It will also provide a more comfortable user experience. Include animations, texts, or descriptions that will let the user know that they can interact with the ad, indicating that they can scroll, rotate, and zoom. 

After you develop your model, you should start creating your ad. There are several pieces of software, like 3D Swirl Basic, to help you complete this process. You can also use Google Web Designer’s advanced templates. You need to have 2D animations and the creative for the banner ad to get started on the creation process. 

Publish and Assess Your Ad

The Google Marketing Platform offers Google Swirl, which is made available through Display and Video 360. To publish your ad after you are done creating it, you need to use this platform. The Display and Video 360 platform offers many insights and analytics that will allow you to assess and evaluate the success of your campaign, and these insights include the number of impressions, the level of engagement, full-screen access, click-through rate, and the time people spend on the banner. It’s important to observe your campaign’s success rate to know if it’s an effective advertising method for your business. This will also allow you to pinpoint weak points in your campaign so that you can fix them and avoid similar mistakes later on. 

3D advertising has grown very popular over the past few years. It has proven to be beneficial for several businesses in different industries. It also makes it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions when considering investing in a product. 3D advertising is very advantageous and it is relatively easy to learn. It can make your products stand out better than any other advertising method can. To help you get started, follow our comprehensive guide to increase your brand awareness, customer interaction, and ultimately, your sales numbers.