4 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Love WordPress

Gone are days when business owners highly depended on developers to make slight changes to their sites and content. The introduction of WordPress has been a blessing to many, making the management of sites easier. WordPress, better termed as a content management system (CMS), has grown tremendously over time, allowing users to build interactive sites. Today, the platform is preferred by tens of millions of people globally. In this article, you will read about the primary reasons why small businesses prefer WordPress. 

It’s Totally Free

Yes, I said that right. WordPress is totally free. As a small business, the high chances are that you are struggling to make ends meet. With bills hitting your mail every month, keeping the business afloat may somehow sound like a hard nut to crack. As professionals often say, one must ensure that the expenses are kept minimal at all times.

Designing a site is paramount for any upcoming venture. It allows one to explore new markets. With WordPress, you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune to have a running site. You can download it for free and install it on your site. You can install it on a local sandbox environment with ease and do what you want with it. The platform doesn’t have any restrictions on creating a personal blog or a commercial site. Every site owner’s dream is to get more traffic in the long run. The fantastic thing about using WordPress is that it doesn’t charge an extra cost if your site starts to get more traffic than you anticipated. The site is also open source, which means that you can alter or improve its source code based on how you like to customize your site’s functionality or look. 

Broad Variety of Themes

When it comes to creating your business site, the first thing that runs through your mind is a perfect design. A quality design should be easy to use for your visitors and unique. Having this can be a bit expensive as you may need a professional developer to do the task. The reason why most people prefer using WordPress is that you can opt for a predesigned theme instead. According to specialists at Templatic, you can easily choose your preferred theme from thousands of free and premium themes available on the platform. All these themes are perfectly designed and can be integrated to create an interactive site. Premium themes, especially, come with added features from the developer. The themes are also niche-specific, which means that you can easily find a design that perfectly suits your brand as a business.

Easy to Use

As mentioned earlier, businesses had to depend on developers to make even the small changes on their site. Well, that’s not the case now, as WordPress has made the process easy even for those with zero-tech knowledge. WordPress can be installed with a single click. Therefore, you don’t need hardcore skills or an expert with servers or hosting to use it. You only need to choose WordPress when setting an account, and they will do the hard part for you. 

Besides, you can choose a managed hosting plan from companies, such as Flywheel or WP Engine, and you let them do the work for you. Such an arrangement allows you to focus on the business part, which you are good at while helping with the server. Once the installation is done, you will also have various features and functionality, which are essential for website development. The platform’s dashboard is clean and informative, making the entire setup process easy for new users. You don’t have to hold any coding skills at all. As long as you can type in a word document and attach images, you are set to go. When it comes to adding new pages, images, and posts, you don’t have to put in more work as this can be done within no time. 

It’s SEO-friendly

As website developers often say, having a website without search engine optimization is similar to having no website at all. SEO refers to making your site more searchable by engines such as Yahoo and Google. That’s why, today, everyone builds a site keeping SEO perspective in mind. Using WordPress resolves everything. Websites developed on WordPress are SEO-optimized by default. The platform follows a structure that’s already acknowledged by search engines. Additionally, there are plenty of guides and plugins to help you further optimize your onsite SEO for better ranking. With this powerful tool, it means that you can easily optimize your site. 

In the modern world, owning a business website is a must. Today, most small businesses heavily rely on WordPress to create sites for their small businesses. By reading this piece, you will learn the reasons as to why the great love for the platform.