How much does a WordPress e-commerce website cost?

How much does a WordPress e-commerce website cost?

Setting up an online business is very easy these days. For this purpose, it is enough to create a website using the CMS WordPress system. What is that? How much does the WordPress e-commerce module cost? We advise!

What are CMS systems?

To set up an online store, you need an appropriate content management system – CMS (Content Management System). It is the software that builds a website and fills it with different content. All changes can be made by the administration panel. Some companies designing sites use their own proprietary CMS systems; others focus on proven solutions. One of the internationally recognized CMS systems that allow setting up an aesthetic and functional website (including an e-shop) is WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a CMS system that allows to build a website quickly and then edit its content. Website administration is simple – the desired elements can be added, moved, or removed with a few clicks. WordPress started as a platform for creating content for a blog, and today is one of the most respected CMS systems for building websites in the world.

What is WordPress e-commerce?

WordPress is evolving all the time, and over time the CMS system was also expanded with an e-shop module. WordPress e-commerce, or rather WooCommerce, is a plugin that allows you to transform your WordPress website into a full-fledged online store. After installing the extension, you can enter products, descriptions, photos and supervise inventory and sales. Thanks to many useful plugins, it is also possible to easily position your e-shop on the Internet.

How much does a WordPress website cost?

How much set up a website using CMS WordPress costs? The software is free, but it is worth having a professional agency website to use its full potential. Thanks to this, you will save a lot of time, and you will appear on the Internet faster, which bring higher sales profits. Designing a website that looks professional, is optimized from the technical point of view, easy to position, adequately secured, and functional is an expense of about PLN 2,000-5,000.

How much does a WordPress e-commerce website cost?

How much does it cost to start a WooCommerce online store? Here, you have to consider the cost of PLN 2,000 to around PLN 5,000, and even more.

What factors affect the price of a website?

The price depends on its service and your preferences – regarding the subpages number and other elements. Also, in WooCommerce, it depends on the type of modules, the number of language versions, integration with mobile apps and social media. It is also essential to provide the agency that creates the website with ready-made graphic materials or whether the service should include a unique graphic design.

WordPress – the most significant advantages

Finally, let’s recall the most significant advantages of WordPress and WooCommerce. You should be encouraged to choose this solution because of:

  • – easy operation – once you have commissioned a professional agency website, you will enjoy the site management itself;
  • – substantial expansion possibilities – the WordPress engine is constantly developed;
  • – common site management panel for WordPress and WooCommerce – one login is enough to administer the site and e-shop.