Top 10 Software Products To Accelerate Your Business In 2021

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It’s about to be 2021. Times are changing. The world is gradually moving from an offline experience to an online one.  Many things have changed the course of history, but one of the more recent ones is the coming-in of the Information Age. This age ushered in more efficient laptops, smartphones, and so many other commonly used devices in recent times.

But something has been the driving force, the power engine behind all these devices. What is this driving force? This is software. Software is basically the language of devices. It is the programs and other operating systems a computer uses. Examples of software are your iTunes music application to listen to endless music, your different helpful tools on Microsoft Office, and shockingly even the Windows operating system itself.

That said, there are so many software products for so many purposes. Some are engineered for the sole purpose of making your business life sweeter. They could either make you get your schedule reminders on time, help to perform tasks in the workplace, or track brand performance. These are five software products that would help to enhance the performance and progress of your business.


Financial records are a hassle to keep track of. It is very easy to make a mistake, and without being extra careful about the records, it could put you in a lot of trouble. Between keeping track of expenses, spending, and profit margins, most businesses make a vital mistake that could greatly affect the financial status of their businesses. 

ZipBooks is a financial managing software that effectively monitors, documents, and tracks all financial statements. All you would need to do is input every financial expense or income it has made, and it would automatically provide a lot of statistics and corrections that need to be made. Its highly intelligent bot also saves your information for future reference. Brand tracking strategies are also needed for finance-related software products.  Brand tracking strategies are simply a way of tracking the progress of your brand, how it’s faring in the market and against the competition, and suggest ways to get ahead of the market.


Sometimes, customer service is very tasking, especially for companies that have high patronage. The unfortunate fact is that even though customer care would be working as fast as possible, many customers get annoyed at the lack of attendance. Does your customer service feel overworked? Do you feel like they’re working hard enough, yet not many customers are being successfully taken care of? 

Then this software product takes care of it for you. Acquire is an online customer care helpdesk. This software product makes the job easier for the customer care officers by introducing a bot. This bot attends to customers using a very elaborate FAQ system and redirects the customer care officials’ very specific questions. With all the frequently asked questions being handled by the bot, it takes a lot of staff workload and lets them focus on more pressing issues. 

Acquire works well with a brand tracking strategy. Not sure what brand tracking strategies are? Apple is an example of a company that has high brand tracking and marketing. It is pretty obvious because their brand is known everywhere. 


Imagine this: your employees are asking for appointments and tasks of the week. You pull out what you think you recorded it on and realize that you forgot even to create a file for the organized plan because you were too tired to think of it? If this is your plight, then you need Basecamp. 

Basecamp is a software product that organizes the events of your business. When you use Basecamp, you can rest assured that all tasks, delegations, and directives would be effectively communicated to all your employees and colleagues. They would be duly informed and work together to make your brand more known and attain greater success. You can also communicate ways to utilize brand tracking strategies effectively. 

Brand tracking strategies are very important. It is used to get your brand name more recognized or create a very good brand-customer relationship. Brand strategies would allow you to organize what needs to be changed and make it very easy to determine which is more important at that particular moment. When you combine Basecamp with a sturdy brand tracking strategy, you have a higher chance of succeeding than someone who doesn’t.


G-suite is widely used across the world. It is basically the entire group of google applications that make it up. Want to send an email? Gmail is there. Want to see your contacts or calendar? Google contacts and calendars are available to meet your need. Do you need to write a document or design a spreadsheet for your brand anywhere you are? Google Docs and spreadsheet is available for use. Don’t get it wrong, though. 

There are so many other software products in G-suite that help manage your brand, delegating work and tasks, organizing appointments, and sending reminders. Google is at the top of their game now, but it is still important to perform brand tracking to remain at the top of yours. 

Brand tracking would create a feedback loop system that would allow you to understand your consumers, know what place you are in compared to competitors, and understand how to correct mistakes and move up the market. G-suite is taking the world by storm, and it is now pretty much used by a large number of professionals. However, when you put an effective brand tracking strategy in the mix, you’re more likely to stand out from the crowd.


This software product is a very important one. If you’re looking for a way to stay ahead, this is the software product to get. If you’re looking for ways to see what moves your competitors are making, Ahrefs is recommended. It keeps you from making website design mistakes and thoroughly checks your SEO to make sure it stays at the very top of any related google search through keywords. 

Although you may see this as unnecessary, take some time to think about this. Imagine you’re a startup, trying to fight the hundreds of companies already offering what you offer. You may be working on something new, but how would you know your competition isn’t thinking of the same thing and is planning on releasing before you? How would you be able to have fast access to suggestions that can improve your ranking amongst them? This is why you need Ahrefs.


This is one of the best management products. Have you ever wondered how you can create an online workspace, holding meetings, and giving out directives to employees? Slack is a very good software product that gets the job done in style. It gives you a sense of control over how you run your business and gives you the platform to communicate with your employees and other business partners in the fastest way possible. 

More and more businesses are also moving towards online workspaces due to the pandemic. Not only would you do yourself a huge favor by moving your business online, but you would also progress in an economy that is not so stable presently. Brand tracking strategies are also meant to follow online workspaces traditionally. This is because it monitors brand progress and allows you to check up with employees and customers on their suggestions for the company.


Piktochart is one of the best presentation software you can ever use. It is a presentation software that anyone can use.  You don’t have to be a skilled designer when making your own presentations and other things you want to do. All you need to do is input the information, and they would handle the rest.  That said, this presentation maker would work well with brand tracking strategies to exponentially increase your business productivity and efficiency. By using brand tracking strategies, it allows you to follow how other brands present their information and tweak it to your taste.


Software products are very much needed in society today. We need it to power our devices. We need it to do productive work; basically, we need it to thrive and progress in the current age. There are so many other others you need to get, but these, in particular, would help you out in creating order and progress, whether you’re a startup business or an already existing brand. 

The big brands are big today because they use all these software products and more. Not only did they use them, but they also used it in such a way that benefited their brand, taking them to greater heights. Alongside this, they also used the brand tracking strategy we talked about. They used it to get information about how much their customers like their brand. If any complaints were made, they would swiftly attend to the customer and then implement these changes across all their products.