5 Awesome Reasons to Host Your Website Locally

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5 Awesome Reasons to Host Your Website Locally

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right web hosting company. One of them is the location of your server, as this can have a significant impact on the success of your business.

The main appeal of choosing a web hosting company is the amount of risk involved, which is relatively low. Just when you think you’ve chosen the wrong hosting provider for your website; you can change hosts. Nonetheless, this can be a bit difficult, so it’s best you make the right choice from the start.

In this article, we take a look at the reasons why hosting your website locally is the best option for your business.

Saves Everyone Time

Page speed is a crucial aspect of an optimized website – Your webpage speed mustn’t lag. According to Kissmetrics, half your visitors bounce if your page speed takes more than 3 seconds to come up. And because distance affects the speed that data travels, your website speed is affected, impacting user experience.

Hosting your website locally makes it at least three times faster than it would if it were hosted overseas. It is crucial to have your business needs and the target market sorted out before deciding on where to host your website – locally or internationally. Latency is lower and faster when your website is hosted locally because local data is relayed locally.

That’s to say, if you’ve got your business target market at New Zealand, then it would be wise to have a web hosting company in New Zealand serving you.

Better Customer Support

A lot of things could go wrong with web hosting, and resolving it almost immediately saves you not only money but time also.

Ever called a big company’s customer care line? Remember the hours you spent waiting for a concrete update? Now, imagine this company is stationed thousands of kilometres from you, worse if time is a barrier – you’ll be stuck calculating the hours of time zones before you place a simple call – it’s a nightmare.

With a local company, your problem is half solved – remove distance and time zones, and all that’d be left is to place a call to a real person(s) with real solutions to your web hosting problem. Additionally, a local web hosting company helps to foster a physical business relationship, which is great when you need solutions that need a personal touch.

 Ups Your SERP Game Locally

When your business is hosted locally, it can boost your Google rankings in that region. This means local customers in need of a service would find your business first, before seeing international-based services. 

Google uses the IP address of a website to find out the business’ location; that’s why users who seek a specific service are shown nearby companies even without specifying their region. So, hosting your website locally gives your business an SEO edge over similar companies who deliver the same service, internationally.

Data Privacy Laws

It’s incredibly important you know where the data centre of your hosting company is located, not just because the distance is a sort of barrier to speed, but because data privacy laws of each country are different.

To avoid the complexities of foreign laws, the Laws of a Country no longer applies the moment sensitive data and information is stored outside the country. A very good example is a scenario where you host data with a foreign hosting company, and they’re involved in cases threatening national security, they may have to shut down because of it. You may lose access to your data as the security laws of the hosting country would be enforced against you.

Kiwis, for example, have their form of the Privacy Act, which acts almost like the GDPR to secure customers’ data of any business operating in New Zealand.

Boosts Local Economy

When you host outside of your home country, your country loses millions of dollars. Hosting your website locally generates revenue for your home country by enabling local hosting companies to export their services internationally.


It is recommended that you host your website locally rather than abroad if your target audience is small. Doing this will guarantee more uptime and less downtime; faster loading of web pages for your target market. and ultimately a better web experience for customers.