Understanding the Basics of Digital Marketing

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Understanding the Basics of Digital Marketing

The basics of digital marketing go back much further than most observers realize. Digital marketing, or the use of technology to spread the word about a product, service, or company, has been around since the advent of the radio in 1922. During that time period, AT&T began to sell advertising time on its stations.

Today’s digital marketing has gone far beyond radio. Television is part of digital marketing to some extent, but the main business is done online. Browser ads, social media, search engine optimization, and email marketing are all vital parts of the digital marketing scene.

WT Digital Agency explains what digital marketing is and how it can help your company succeed in today’s difficult financial times.


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The Basics of Digital Marketing

In its most basic form, digital marketing covers all forms of advertisements that are posted online, emailed, or texted to consumers. By leveraging the strengths of each of these methods, a quality digital marketing firm will be able to provide an excellent return on investment (ROI) for your company.

Creating digital marketing is something that a few business owners are qualified to do on their own, but it is helpful to have a professional analyze your business and suggest the most effective moves for your company.

Social Media

Social media is frequently the first place where a company will begin digital marketing. Social media is free to join, though companies will have to pay to have their ads sponsored and to have them appear in many people’s news feeds. It is a great way to make sure that people in your community know about your business and know what your business can do for them.

Optimizing social media advertising is a multi-step process. First, a company must decide who their ideal customer is and where they live. Then, the company can decide which types of people they want to market to. Social media advertising dashboards contain the ability to customize ads based on many demographic categories, including age, location, gender, and other interests.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Another important step for companies to complete is search engine optimization or SEO. In the past, this step was as simple as providing a list of keywords on your page or in the metadata, but as search engine algorithms have evolved, tactics have changed. A combination of organically included keywords, inbound and outbound links, and providing usable content to the customer will result in success.

For example, a pizza restaurant should include their complete menu on their website, along with photos and descriptions of their location. Keywords should be placed in the metadata.

Another facet of search engine optimization is the Google search snippet. The snippet is an excerpt or description from the webpage that follows the title of the site in the Google search listings. Having a great Google search snippet will mean that your company will come out on top in the listings for your preferred keywords and that customers will be able to access your information right away.

Sometimes customers do not even visit the company’s website, but let the search snippet stand on its own as an answer to their question. These customers need to be led toward your company as the best solution for their problems.

Online Advertising

While online advertising on external websites has lost some cachet over the years, it still represents a large portion of the digital marketing scene. Companies need to design attractive, informative ads that will draw customers to click through to their website. Some of the antiquated techniques like pop-up ads and flashing colors do not work anymore and will turn customers off. Working with a qualified digital marketing agency will help your company set itself apart in this arena.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another excellent way to drive traffic to your website and to position your company as an expert in the field. Hosting blogs by your employee or guest blogs from other businesses that tie into yours is a good way to enhance this aspect of your marketing strategy. It is also a good idea to include video, e-books, and other creative applications.

Optimizing Digital Marketing Strategies

When your company has an excellent digital marketing strategy, you will find that you have more business and that your company gains respect in your local area and around the world.

WT Digital Agency reminds companies that any missteps in this area can lead to a loss of customers and reputation. Whatever you do, make sure that your digital marketing is done thoughtfully and in good taste.  We hope you now have a solid grasp on the basics of digital marketing.


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